Collaborative robots are built to work with human beings to produce or create something. There are four types of collaborative features for robots, i.e. Speed and Separation Monitoring, Hand Guiding or path teaching, Power and Force Limiting, Safety Monitored Stop. Collaborative robots become one of the important tools in modern workshop. 

Smart factories have changed the face of businesses worldwide, providing multiple benefits through process automation. First, robotic systems facilitate faster manufacturing times and increased efficiency, leading to increased productivity. Second, automated systems provide significant cost savings through reduced staff providing labour intensive tasks and reduced wastage of faulty materials and products. Third, automated quality control guarantees consistent output with less error and defects, improving overall quality.

Jebsen Industrial provides smart factory solutions increasing your business' competitive edge in the fast-paced global manufacturing market as they give high flexibility and convertibility in the manufacturing process, e.g. it enables manufacturers to alternate their produced goods without having to rebuild the entire production line.