Flower Pollen Extract | Graminex

For blossoming health

GraminexTM Flower Pollen Extract is an all-natural health supplement that contains a specific type of pollen gathered in the field and combined in standardised proportions. This combination of active substances brings out health benefits that have given pollen its reputation as a valuable dietary supplement for thousands of years.


Graminex® takes a high scientific approach to producing its Flower Pollen Extract, from selecting premium quality seed to timing harvests for optimal results. Stringent quality control means that pollen potency and efficacy is protected while the brand continues to seek out enhancements for its line of products.


GraminexTM Flower Pollen Extract is now supplied and fully supported by Jebsen Industrial in Greater China.

  • All natural, no pesticides
  • Health benefits supported by more than 100 clinical studies
  • Certified safe for consumption
Graminex Pollen Extract
Graminex Pollen Extract