Nordson Gear Pump/GP

Top-Performing Gear Pumps for Extrusion Machines

The Nordson GP gear pumps from Jebsen Industrial are used in the extrusion, compounding, and polymerisation processes in the plastics industry. By eliminating output variations and pressure pulsations, and improving homogeneity and pellet size in compounding, the gear pumps enable the production of higher quality tubes and profile extrusions, cable coatings, and foamed products. 

At the same time, the Nordson gear pumps save raw materials and energy consumption, and conserve use of the extruder by shifting the task of building up pressure to the gear pump. The gear pumps also reduce rejects and increase output. 

A range of Nordson extrusion gear pumps is available from Jebsen Industrial with capacities ranging from 4.7 cm3/rev to 3,200 cm3/rev and operating limits from 23 kg/hr to 8,000 kg/hr. Access to full maintenance support and a complete spare parts inventory is assured.

  • Maintains a constant volumetric output so that extruder outlet pressure can be set to optimal level
  • Operating pressures up to 350 bar with an input/output differential of up to 250 bar
  • Flow optimised inlet and outlet for gentle handling of the product
  • Integrated temperature sensors in housings
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