Filtration is an integral part of plastics extrusion, necessary to ensure a quality end product and because contaminants impede the operating process. Screen changers, or melt filters, are used to remove contaminants without reducing the quality of the plastic melt.

Plastics industry and recycling professionals select their screen changer based on throughput capacity range and type of application. Cost-efficiency is vital, so experts look for advanced technology and a high degree of automation, heavy-duty construction, and high availability. An efficient and reliable screen changer can increase the profitability of your plastics extrusion lines.

With a century of experience as a leading supplier to industry in China, Jebsen Industrial provides expert consulting services, a complete portfolio of advanced and cost-effective filtration equipment, staff training programmes, and full maintenance support.

Nordson filtration system K-SWE
  • Continuous polymer filtration system
  • Contamination removal from molten plastics
  • Screen change without interrupting melt flow