Nordson filtration system K-SWE

Advanced Polymer Filtration Systems

The Nordson K-SWE filtration system is a precisely machined melt filter, or screen changer, used to remove contaminants from melted plastics. The filtration system provides continuous polymer flow and unchanged process characteristics during screen changes. 

During production, the plastic melt is divided into two flow channels inside the screen changer housing then conveyed through two filters equipped with the appropriate filter medium. 

The LK-SWE variant is suitable for use with higher output rates and for polymers with greater contamination.


The Nordson K-SWE filtration system is now supplied and fully supported by Jebsen Industrial in Greater China. Jebsen Industrial can also advise you on custom solutions which provide for higher operating pressures, various flow channel coatings, and special breaker plates.

  • Suitable for almost all polymers
  • Permits polymer flow and screen change simultaneously so that production is continuous
  • Simple handling and easy maintenance
  • Two screen cavities
  • Output from 5kg/hr – 30,000kg/hr
  • Robust, wear-resistant construction
  • Low screen and energy requirements
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