Jebsen Industrial welcomes a record number of some 20 interns this summer


Every summer, Jebsen Industrial prepares for a new cohort of interns. This year, business growth has prompted the company to accept over 20 eager young minds for durations ranging from two months to one year. After a rigorous selection and interview process, the interns have been assigned positions across Jebsen Industrial’s main offices in Greater China and its many business units.


Jebsen Industrial welcomes a record number of some 20 interns this summer


Experience and exposure


For Sabrina Reichard and Julia Bauer, who travelled from Austria and Germany respectively to Hong Kong for an internship with Jebsen Industrial, the experience has been a multicultural eye-opener. “An internship is a necessary part of my International Relations & Management degree and I’ve always wanted to go to Asia, so this was the perfect opportunity,” shared Julia.


Sabrina, who is spending seven months with the Automation & Services team, said: “I really enjoy working here. Every day, I am gaining new insights and learning what it means to be a business bridge between East and West. It has been very interesting to experience the Asian working life. I now have a broader worldview.”


Fellow Automation & Services intern Edward Law, who signed up for a two-month internship, had the opportunity to further his interests in mechanical technology. The experience brought his Mechanical Engineering training to life as he supported the team with market research into emerging business areas like Smart Factories and Cooperative Robots.


“After studying about machines in school, it was refreshing to experience it in the real world. I learnt about the sales process of industrial machinery, how they are applied and the business considerations of users,” shared Edward.


Exposure has also been the highlight of the experience for Rochelle Wang. As a senior at the Shanghai International Studies University, she opted for a six-month internship with Jebsen Industrial to better prepare herself for post-graduation working life.


“Because of my major in accounting, I am very interested in understanding how businesses actually work. Jebsen Industrial has been a great introduction to working life for me because the company has such diverse business interests. There is so much to learn and six months is far from enough,” she said. “Even though Jebsen has a 120-year history, it has a very dynamic corporate culture. This makes me feel empowered and motivated to do my best every day.”


A competitive advantage


As a company with an established internship programme designed to train young undergraduates and fresh graduates, Jebsen Industrial has noticed an emerging trend. More are requesting for internship periods that go beyond the usual three months. Its latest cohort of 20 interns includes several who are committed to a one-year experience with the company. This allows them to be involved in longer-term projects from start to finish, gain a variety of working experience and build a stronger professional network—all of which could contribute to a stronger competitive advantage when they pursue a full-time career.


This is true for Benedict Skelton, who has been attached to Jebsen Industrial’s Business Development team in Hong Kong since July this year. The business and finance major has dabbled in websites and mobile applications during an earlier business development trainee programme in India and is keen to grow his knowledge in this area.


“Joining the Business Development team is very exciting for me. I want to understand this area more, especially how e-commerce channels can help generate greater sales volume. I have not been fully involved in the development of the new website yet because I have been busy supporting the team’s preparation for the BIRTV 2015 tradeshow in Beijing. Now that that is done, I am sure that the coming months will be an interesting challenge,” said Benedict.


As the longer internship period presents new learning opportunities in terms of functional skills, Benedict also finds himself growing in other areas: “With several projects on my plate, I realise the importance of time management and workload coordination.


Time is also a top-of-mind concern for Danny Chan, a one-year intern with Marketing & Communications in Hong Kong.


“Limited time but unlimited deadlines! I guess that’s real working life. It can be stressful at times but I have learnt to prioritise my tasks by urgency and importance and set an achievable timetable for myself. I find it useful to also understand what I am doing, what I need to do and what I can do,” said the Chinese University of Hong Kong undergraduate.


The challenge is slightly different for Johannes Roider, whose one-year internship mainly involves assisting Jebsen Industrial Managing Director Maximilian von Stillfried. The young graduate was keen on an internship to earn practical experience abroad to supplement his bachelor’s degree in European Economic Studies. As an intern for the Jebsen Industrial management team, he gains a big-picture perspective of the company as a whole—an opportunity that he describes as “more insightful than [he] expected.”


In his day-to-day work, Johannes finds himself researching and analysing data and reports to brief Mr von Stillfried ahead of meetings and presentations in additional to taking on projects related to the company’s strategy development. This has given him extensive insights to Jebsen Industrial’s five business lines as well as support functions. The exposure also includes interacting with different business leaders, which Johannes says is helping him improve his communications and time management skills.


Part of the family


At Jebsen Industrial, interns are an integral part of the team. They are given the same responsibilities as any junior employee and, more importantly, treated as part of the family. When Jebsen Industrial organised its first Family Day, interns Cathy Chen and Kelvin Kong were delighted to be included in the festivities.


“The warm and friendly environment here makes it easier for newbies like me who have no prior working experience. Family Day was particularly fun. It felt good to be part of a big family with my colleagues,” said Kelvin, who interned with the Business Development team for two months.


For Cathy, who is a one-year intern with Automation & Services in Shanghai, participating in Family Day was made extra special because she knew it was the first such event for the company: “I’m impressed by how much Jebsen Industrial invests in its people. Besides Family Day, I felt the Town Hall Dialogue Session was a really great platform to communicate and connect with one another.”