We are delighted to introduce the latest SimonsVoss Digital Locking System 3060 from Allegion - an intelligent alternative to mechanical locking systems, which enables seamless integration into new and existing building infrastructures.



The transponder is used for identification to operate digital locking cylinders, Smart Handles and Smart Relays in system 3060.


The new Digital System 3060 unites a large number of intelligent locking and components to create a customized, cable-free and keyless access control system. Mechanical keys are replaced by active transponders, passive smart cards, smartphones, PIN code keypads or biometric wall readers. Digital locking cylinders and digital fittings are used instead of mechanical locking cylinders. Radio communication takes the place of a key turning in a lock. Data is transferred from the transponder to the locking cylinders or Smart Relay inductively at a frequency range of 25 kHz.



Digital locking cylinder evaluates the radio signal from transponders and SmartCards to grant or refuse access.



Digital Smart Handle allows quick installation with unique SnapIn technology and no drilling of door is required for installation.



Digital Smart Relay can serve as an access control reader or key switch.


Product Features and benefits:


  • Quick and easy installation: no cabling is required, simply change the existing mechanical cylinder or handle to an electronic digital cylinder or handle;
  • Greater control and security: products operating in conjunction with the physical door lock, the most secure part of the door;
  • Modular and scalable: system can be upgraded to next level of the technology at any time;
  • Battery operated: wireless and extremely efficient with very low maintenance;
  • Wireless technology: no wiring is required as all products are capable of being managed in an IT based wireless managed system;
  • Simple integration: products can be integrated into existing third party SmartCard access control solutions;
  • Cost and time-saving: minimize site labor and capital cost reduction on wiring and installation;



Digital System 3060 is designed to offer maximum flexibility and reliability, in order to reduce the initial installation cost and ongoing operating cost for a fast return on investment.


For more details of SimonsVoss Digital Locking System 3060, please contact us