For Jebsen Industrial, workplace design is part of its staff well-being and productivity strategy. It has recently invested in redesigning its office in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong to give its people an even more comfortable and conducive work environment. To celebrate the completion of the two-month project, Group Chairman Hans Michael Jebsen, Group Managing Director Helmuth Hennig and Jebsen Industrial Managing Director Maximilian von Stillfried officiated a simple ceremony on June 5, 2015.


 Group Chairman Hans Michael Jebsen, Group Managing Director Helmuth Hennig and Jebsen Industrial Managing Director Maximilian von Stillfried cutting the suckling pig together to celebrate the opening of the new office


Mr. Jebsen took the opportunity to tour the new office, commenting that this modern and comfortable environment will facilitate greater employee engagement, drive stronger performance and support the long-term growth and success of the company.


Supporting a modern work culture


Inspired by scientific research and ideas from employees, the redesigned premises have notably larger and more open spaces as well as a brighter, cheerier atmosphere.


With integrated manager offices and open workstations, physical barriers have been removed to enhance the flow of communication and creativity among colleagues. This helps promote a collaborative work culture while balancing the need for individual space. More meeting rooms have also been added to support growing business needs.


In addition, Jebsen Industrial’s people now enjoy a host of lifestyle amenities in the office including a lounge, nursing room and kitchen. The new lounge is designed to be a hub of recreation activities, supporting official events with projection equipment and encouraging informal get-togethers with a cosy seating area and a Nintendo Wii game console. The Lounge also carries Jebsen Industrial’s internal communication and branding posters to foster a greater sense of belonging among its people.


 Supporting a modern work culture


 Supporting a modern work culture


Achieving everyday efficiency


The success of the project is credited to the professionalism and effectiveness of the project team. Throughout the design and implementation process, the team’s effective communication and positive relationships with its stakeholders—from fellow Jebsen Industrial colleagues to the Group Human Resources and Facility Management teams—ensured that the project was completed on schedule and within budget.


 Jebsen Industrial Managing Director Maximilian von Stillfried giving a speech at the opening ceremony


“I love the new office! It serves as a benchmark. The transition was easy, thanks to the professional work of the project team. We now all have a great, conducive environment to work in,” said staff members Edmund Yip and Mabel Law.


“Performance drives success. Our people are our most precious resource and I am feeling new levels of energy. I am confident that our investment into the transformation process will continue to lead to greater growth and success for Jebsen Industrial,” said Mr. Maximilian von Stillfried.


Just a few months ago, in March this year, Jebsen Automotive Technik (JAT) also welcomed a new work environment. It has relocated its Hong Kong office to Nanyang Plaza in Kwun Tong. The new premises come with a mini warehouse that enables JAT to further optimise its supply chain through more effective inventory management.


 Jebsen Automotive Technik (JAT) also welcomed a new work environment.