To mark Jebsen’s 120th anniversary this year, in the 3rd quarter of this year, the Group is organising the highly challenging Jebsen A-MAZE-ing Race in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. The Group is targeted to invite 120 colleagues to participate the game to symoblise 120 years anniversary.




Employees from various business units have enthusiastically formed teams, registered for the race and attended pre-race training, creating an infectious group-wide buzz over the competition. Three teams—‘Jebsen Roadrunners’ and ‘120’ from Shanghai and ‘Victory Warriors’ from Guangzhou—have gamely stepped forward to represent Jebsen Industrial.



On June 5, 2015, the Jebsen A-MAZE-ing Race was first started in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Teams will go through totally 10 checkpoints within their city and achieve the result by the order in which teams arrive in the terminal point. Due to the way the race is designed, colleagues were unable to cheer for their teams on the ground. But this did little to dampen the spirits of the Jebsen Industrial teams as they readied themselves to take on the ultimate mental and physical challenge.


Using their knowledge of the Group’s history and principal brands, the teams had to decipher clues to determine the best route and transport options. Roadblock missions awaited them at every turn, demanding that they use their strength and wits to avoid the punishment of adding more time to their clock. They also had to strategise the use of their ‘express pass’ and allocated allowance in order to make it through all 10 checkpoints in the shortest time possible. Going through all the challenges in 6 hours and in the route of nearly 50-kilometer length, Jebsen Industrial’s teams, using their holistic understanding of the Group, excellent teamwork, effective communication, quick decision-making skills and unyielding determination, successfully completed the race with amazing results. During the race, the dedicated teams even didn’t have time to enjoy lunch, heading to the terminal point.


Team 120 from Specialty Ingredients & Solutions and Team Jebsen Roadrunners, comprising members from Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions, Business Development and Quality Management, clinched first and third places respectively in the Shanghai leg. Over in Guangzhou, Jebsen Industrial did equally well with Team Victory Warriors from Specialty Ingredients & Solutions emerging champions.


 Team 120 from Jebsen Industrial, Shanghai


 Team Jebsen Roadrunners from Jebsen Industrial, Shanghai


 Team Victory Warriors from Jebsen Industrial, GuangZhou


After the race, Team 120’s Liu Rong had this to say: “We were extremely lucky to win first place in Shanghai. This was possible because the team worked well together and we were motivated by our colleagues’ support. The race has strengthened our understanding of the Group’s corporate culture. It was tiring but we enjoyed every mission and the entire journey from start to finish!”


The Jebsen A-MAZE-ing Race will travel to Beijing and Hong Kong next. Stay tuned to find out what happens!