Date: 2014.06.16 ~ 2014.06.20

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

City: Shanghai, China

Once the world’s manufacturing powerhouse, China is ready for its next phase of evolution as its economy matures and value chains become more complex. The technological advancement that the Chinese government called for in the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011 – 2015) is particularly relevant to the textile industry where multiple factors, including rising labour costs, are changing the competitive landscape. Now, more than ever, the Chinese textile industry seeks to improve its craftsmanship and raise its standards to meet international competition.


Tradeshows like ITMA Asia + CITME 2014 are critical in bringing together the global textile industry, allowing Chinese companies to adopt advanced technology and facilitating knowledge transfer. The combined show, which is held once every two years, counts among the largest of its kind in China and is fully supported by all nine C EMA TEX European textile machinery associations, CTMA (China Textile Machinery Association) and JTMA (Japan Textile Machinery Association). Its 2012 edition attracted an impressive 92,000 visitors from around the world. This year’s show is expected to outdo that record with an estimated 100,000 visitors and over 1,000 exhibitors.


Jebsen Industrial offers a technology upgrade to China’s textile industry at ITMA Asia + CITME 2014


Jebsen Industrial, through the Primary Industry Equipment Department of its Engineering & Technology Division, is expected to make waves at ITMA Asia + CITME 2014 by joining hands with three high-profile principals:


Texpa is the German leader of fully automatic and semi-automatic installations for cutting, sewing, folding and packing of home textiles. Its highly efficient and innovative systems have been available in Greater China through Jebsen Industrial since 1994. With process automation being a key avenue to achieving quality improvement and cost effectiveness, Texpa ’s solutions are expected to help Chinese companies sharpen their competitive edge through productivity and efficiency gains.


Fimat , the Italian manufacturer of printing and dyeing systems, continues the theme of process automation with its technologically advanced solutions. Its fully automated colouring kitchen production line is built on extensive research to deliver perfect repeatability of colour dyes. By allowing technology to control the mixing process, Fimat solutions ensure quality standards through precision-level consistency and cost-effectiveness by optimising the use of printing paste.


Rimac from Italy is similarly well known for transforming the labour-intensive sewing process into an automated one with its innovative industrial sewing machines. Its solutions make production faster and easier while delivering a high level of quality assurance by eliminating human errors and misjudgements.


To find out how Jebsen Industrial can help you get the most from ITMA Asia + CITME 2014, or for details on any related products or services, please contact us at indenquiry@jebsen.com.


ITMA Asia + CITME 2014

Date: June 16-20

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Website: www.itmaasia.com, www.citme.com.cn