Date: 2015.04.22 ~ 2015.04.29

Venue: the National Exhibition and Convention (Shanghai) Centre

City: Shanghai, China


In recent times, Jebsen Industrial has extended its presence along the automotive value chain to bring greater value to the industry. With a dual focus on the OEM and auto aftermarket segments, it has successfully transformed itself from just a solutions provider to a bona fide brand-owner and manufacturer of premium auto parts and components as well. This was clearly presented at Auto Shanghai 2015, which was held from Apr 22-29 at the National Exhibition and Convention (Shanghai) Centre.


 Jebsen Industrial showcases a bigger and better value proposition at Auto Shanghai 2015


Strengthening OEM solutions


Participating in Auto Shanghai for the fourth time, Jebsen Industrial maintained its leadership position in the OEM sector with world-renowned solutions by PROFIL . The long-standing principal is best known for its joint fastener technology, which comes through in its pierce nuts and studs, exclusive riveting process as well as complete systems and customised automated feeding equipment. Being the brand of choice of many leading European automakers, PROFIL continued to engage Chinese OEMs with its quality-proven solutions.


In addition to represented solutions, Jebsen Industrial also proudly presented its four joint ventures. This business model enables Jebsen Industrial to import the best of foreign technology via its joint venture partners, localise the solutions for the Chinese market based on its industry expertise, and manufacture them locally for greater cost savings and faster turnaround times.


This foray into manufacturing started with Mitec-Jebsen )/"> Mitec-Jebsen , which leverages the precision engineering expertise of Germany’s Mitec. Since 2007, Mitec-Jebsen )/"> Mitec-Jebsen has been producing high-performance balancer shaft systems for both international brands based in China as well as domestic auto manufacturers. 


Its second joint venture, Jebsen-TCG )/">Jebsen TCG, was established in 2011 in collaboration with Austria’s TCG Unitech. It produces variable oil and water pumps that are reputed to increase fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and extend engine life. The brand is now the single largest supplier of Gen 2 EA888 oil pumps to Volkswagen China. 


Mitec-Jebsen )/"> MSR-Jebsen , Jebsen Industrial’s third joint venture, was founded in 2012 with Switzerland’s Micon Holdings. It specialises in energy-saving gasoline direct-injection fuel pump housings, which supports the recent market shift towards low-emission vehicles.


Trade visitors at Auto Shanghai 2015 also met Jebsen tedrive Steering, Jebsen Industrial’s latest joint venture. Announced in 2014, the collaboration will allow Jebsen Industrial to bring tedrive Steering’s full product range, which includes advanced steering systems for all vehicle segments, to Greater China.


For small cars and electric mobility vehicles, which is a fast-growing segment locally, Jebsen tedrive presented a revolutionary mechanical lightweight steering gear. The innovative lightweight steering system is built with split steel housing, inner joints in lightweight design and further lightweight features and weighs in at just 3.6kg. This translates to up to 30% weight savings, making it highly suitable for small and electric cars.


For light commercial vehicles, Jebsen tedrive recommended a hydraulic steering gear that has been designed and developed to optimise carbon emissions. In line with China’s push for green vehicles, the hydraulic steering gear is designed with a steel housing that allows the installation of a carbon-saving high-pressure system. The steel housing also delivers the added advantage of greater steering precision.


Finally, for heavy truck and bus applications, Jebsen tedrive presented rack-and-pinion steering systems equipped with iHSA®. The Intelligent Hydraulic Steering Assist is a patented technology owned by tedrive Steering. The system enables the integration of lane departure warning systems, side wind compensation and enhanced steering aids to improve the driving experience for enhanced driving safety and driver comfort.


With this impressive line-up, Jebsen Industrial’s onsite team at Auto Shanghai 2015 engaged some hundred of visitors at its booth and generated a significant number of new sales leads.


 Jebsen Industrial showcases a bigger and better value proposition at Auto Shanghai 2015


Going after the aftermarket


Having identified the automotive aftermarket as a high-growth segment, Jebsen Industrial has also been driving business efforts towards serving customers in this area. At Auto Shanghai, it took the opportunity to present BLAUMANN, its first in-house brand of premium auto parts and services for aftermarket customers. Designed, developed and manufactured by Jebsen Industrial, BLAUMANN products embody a century’s worth of automotive experience in Greater China. For now, the brand carries a range of premium motor oil products with future plans to expand its product and service offerings.


“China’s automotive industry has reached a stage of maturity where performance and quality are highly valued. At the same time, the country’s slowing economy means that OEMs also need to be able to maintain cost competitiveness. To better serve and support them, we made a strategic decision to expand our presence along the automotive value chain, from distribution to manufacturing,” said Arnie Jensen, General Manager, Jebsen Automotive Technik.


“Given our familiarity with the Chinese market, our nationwide sales and distribution network as well as our relationships with the international supplier community, our joint venture model has proven successful in delivering OEM solutions of a global standard at local prices,” he added.


“Our market research has also indicated that demand for quality products and services in the automotive aftermarket remains strong. In serving this sector, we are playing to our strengths and building on our in-house capabilities. Our approach is to evolve with the Chinese automotive industry by staying ahead of market needs.”


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