Date: 2015.06.16 ~ 2015.06.19

City: Beijing,&Shanghai, China

Moving beyond 3D and HD, the next big thing for the global film and media industry is 4K. This professional production and cinema standard refers to a resolution of 4,096 by 2,160 pixels, hence its name. Given that most of the world is still using 2K (or 2,048 × 1,536 pixels), 4K offers quite a jump in terms of resolution.


This allows for a more immersive and enticing experience for end-consumers as they grow increasingly demanding and selective in terms of media consumption.


 Developing 4K workflows-Understanding the next must-have video technology with Jebsen Industrial


According to Jebsen Industrial, a veteran and trusted business partner of China’s film and media industry, 4K is picking up in popularity but has yet to solidify its mainstream status. This means that it is opportune for Chinese producers to start adopting this advanced video technology now to ensure that they remain at the forefront of the industry.


“In recent years, we have focused our efforts on facilitating the digital transformation of China’s film and media industry by developing end-to-end solutions based on some of the best global technologies. We believe that 4K is the future and are committed to helping our customers embrace the benefits of 4K,” said Mr Glavin Huang, Department Manager, Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions, Jebsen Industrial.


 Developing 4K workflows-Understanding the next must-have video technology with Jebsen Industrial


The future of the industry

While the high resolution of 4K enhances the viewing experience, it is also packed with benefits for producers. A single 4K shot from a single camera position, for example, can be cropped and scaled to generate multiple images for different content channels—from HD television broadcasts or mobile videos. This allows unprecedented flexibility and convenience in the filming process that can potentially translate into greater cost effectiveness as well.


While the benefits of 4K are clear, there are certain challenges associated with such data-intense workflows. The 4K workflow requires a sophisticated data infrastructure but Jebsen Industrial believes that the components for that infrastructure are already available—it is a matter of choosing and combining the right technologies for the right production.


Developing 4K workflows-Understanding the next must-have video technology with Jebsen Industrial


To help industry players understand how 4K can work for them, in the second quarter of the year, “Behind-the-Scenes with Jebsen” seminars held in Shanghai on June 16 and Beijing on June 18, focusing on end-to-end 4K workflows. Jebsen Industrial had tap on the expertise of many of the company’s principals such as ARRI, Angenieux , bright tangerine, Cooke , FilmLight and Panther to deliver a comprehensive agenda covering 4K filming as well as post-production editing and colour grading.


Meanwhile, Jebsen Industrial officially launched its online platform for the cinematic & broadcasting industry— the second e-store to join ‘JebsenOnline’. The e-store to serve film and media industry, and the industry players can share with the community about 4K knowledge, experience and expertise at


To find out more about the “Behind-the-Scene with Jebsen” seminars, please contact us here.