Date: 2016.04.25 ~ 2016.04.28

Jebsen Industrial’s Automation & Services presents ‘Green, Intelligent and Smart’ solutions to the industry


In 2016, Jebsen Industrial’s Automation & Services division has shifted gears from supplying traditional machinery and equipment to focusing on technological solutions for the industry. The division has been actively participating in tradeshows to share its ‘Green, Intelligent and Smart’ solutions with the industry.



Power Generation Systems

Jebsen Industrial made its fifth consecutive appearance at G-Power 2016 (May 24-26, Shanghai) with principal John Deere . As one of the world’s oldest and most respected companies in the industry, John Deere constantly invests in research and development to find innovative ways to lower engine emissions without compromising on reliability and performance. Its engine systems offer exceptional power, performance, fuel efficiency and low emissions, which make them ideal for China where more companies are seeking eco-friendlier power solutions.


Manufacturing Automation & Optimisation

In the plastics processing sector, the Automation & Services division sees tremendous market opportunities for automation technology and optimisation solutions. At Chinaplas 2016 (April 25-28, Shanghai), regarded as the largest plastics and rubber tradeshow in Asia and the second most influential exhibition in the global industry, the division presented a host of innovative solutions.


Of particular interest to Chinaplas visitors was the debut of Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions, the German maker known around the world for its highly flexible extrusion downstream equipment for flat films and plates. Visitors were also drawn to Schwing Technologies, as Jebsen Industrial introduced them to the world’s only manufacturer that offers all advanced thermal cleaning technologies for the removal of polymers and organic contaminations from metal tools and machine parts of any type and size.


To engage the converting industry, the Automation & Services division also participated in APFO Expo 2016 (April 26-28, Shanghai) and APFE 2016 (May 17-19, Shanghai) with principal Kroenert . The German brand is the international market leader in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced machines and lines for coating web-like materials such as paper, foil, and film, and their laminates.



Into the future

“Many of the industries we serve have attained a certain level of maturity. It is time to offer solutions and services that are in sync with the market needs of today and tomorrow and to add more value to our partners and customers. Our focus is now on ‘Green, Intelligent and Smart’ solutions,” explained Ms Rachel Cheung, Business Line Leader, Automation & Services, Jebsen Industrial.