Date: 2017.03.24 ~ 2017.03.26

Venue: The National Exhibition and Convention Centre

City: Shanghai/China

Jebsen Industrial whets customer appetites with a host of new products at Food Ingredients China 2017


From March 24 to 26, the annual Food Ingredients China (FIC 2017) was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai. Jebsen Industrial, in collaboration with many world-renowned food ingredients brands, presented a suite of imported functional ingredients and food solutions — and showcased its capacity for innovation.


Jebsen Industrial Managing Director Maximilian von Stillfried said: “Innovation is part of the Jebsen Industrial DNA. This is particularly important when we serve the rapidly changing food and beverage industry. When consumers are constantly on the lookout for new products and manufacturers need to stay close to their customers and keep up with changing their needs, not all companies have the resources and expertise to support them. That’s where we add value.”


“We are much more than a marketing and distribution agency. We are a business partner to our customers and their customers, and we take a long-term view of their success. In the food and beverage industry, Jebsen Industrial uses its capacity for innovation to thoroughly understand the needs of customers and provide value-added services. With our expertise in food technology and deep industry insights, we partner our customers to co-create innovative food solutions that is welcomed by the market,” said Mr von Stillfried.



Tasty and Healthy!

Aligned with its value proposition for the food industry, Jebsen Industrial’s participation at FIC 2017 was themed ‘Tasty and Healthy!” — both are regarded as essential factors for the modern consumer. Its booth sported a clean and simple design, dressed in the Jebsen Industrial corporate blue and white, reinforcing the company’s stable, reliable image.

The Jebsen Industrial booth has always welcomed a constant stream of visitors at FIC and this year was no different. The team met over 1,000 visitors, including existing customers as well as prospective ones, and received positive feedback on its comprehensive product portfolio and innovative food solutions. Its long-standing principals such as DEK, Sensus , ABAC, Nexira and more, also left visitors with a deep impression.


Germany’s DEK, for example, was the centre of attention for many visitors. This being its third appearance at FIC, visitors were familiar with the brand. Many are aware that DEK is one of the world’s most important sources of instant coffee and instant coffee beverages and that it is both a supplier and brand owner in the market. DEK is also well regarded within the industry for its automated production line, highly efficient packaging and overall quality control, ensuring peace of mind for its customers.


Sensus , as one of the world’s largest suppliers of inulin, is also a long-standing principal of Jebsen Industrial. As an excellent type of soluble dietary fibre, inulin is based on the concept of “natural + prebiotic” — which, like the advertisement goes, is the secret to a happy, healthy family. With the product’s versatility (it can be used in dairy products, baked goods, sweets, beverages, cereals and cereal bars, and more), it piqued the interest of not only food manufacturers, but also independent shop owners.


ABAC is a brand synonymous with science. Its yeast beta glucan is proven by clinical studies to be in a league of its own and effective in strengthening the immune system. Available in powder and capsule forms, it can applied as a functional ingredient to food or taken as a dietary supplement.


Nexira also made an appearance at FIC 2017, showcasing its range of emulsifiers, thickeners and natural extracts with weight management, antioxidant, joint health and stress relief properties.


Whether visitors were keen on yeast beta glucan or natural spices, natural colouring or probiotics, emulsifiers, fish oil, gum arabic, dietary fibre, inulin, wheat protein, sweeteners, modified starch, gelatin, collagen, fruit and vegetable powder or even natural seasoning, monoglycerides or anti-caking agents, they certainly enjoyed a tasty and healthy experience at the Jebsen Industrial booth.


Closer to Customers, Innovating to Impress

Visitors who are less familiar with Jebsen Industrial would be surprised to learn that many popular products in the market today — such as Wei Quan and Meng Niu’s yoghurt drinks, Wrigley chewing gum, Wang Zai QQ candy — all contain Jebsen Industrial’s functional ingredients. This impressive portfolio also speaks of the versatility and feasibility of Jebsen Industrial’s solutions.

As Chinese consumers grow increasingly health conscious, they demand not only great taste, but also health benefits from their food choices. Weishardt ’s collagen beauty drink, made from deep sea marine collagen and pig skin collagen, satisfies the needs of women of different ages. Akay ’s natural spices from India, like turmeric, curry powder and natural oleoresin, enriches food with the flavour of Southeast Asia. Oryza’s sakura powder, black ginger powder and broccoli powder, highlights of the brand’s health product range, are testaments of Japanese quality. In addition, Daregal’s cooking herbs and KAI’s acai also drew the attention of visitors.


This year, Jebsen Industrial’s self-owned brand JTaste also made a splash at the tradeshow with its yoghurt concentrate drink and baking mix. Whether used alone or easily mixed with other products, JTaste’s signature yoghurt concentrate drink adds flavour and a nutritional boost. The brand also introduced a series of new flavours and its latest GMO-free corn juice powder and yoghurt powder, much to the delight of visitors.


At the same time, Jebsen Industrial presented a series of food innovations, from Italian vanilla sauce and Italian pesto to Spanish seafood sauce. It also created an interesting twist on vanilla yoghurt, flavouring it with basil, pineapple and other ingredients. This was a delicious showcase of Jebsen Industrial’s outstanding research and development capabilities as well as its clear grasp of consumer tastes and market trends.

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