Date: 2015.03.24 ~ 2015.03.26

City: Shanghai / Beijing

Jebsen Industrial to host ‘Multi Lenses, Multi Bodies’ seminar series in China


As the leading distributor of cinematic lenses and film equipment and solutions in Greater China, Jebsen Industrial Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions (C&BS) has continuously been striving to deliver greater value by enhancing our brand portfolio and developing innovative ways to serve our partners and customers. Embracing this goal, Jebsen Industrial hosts the first Jebsen Industrial “C&BS Community” in the Year of the Ram themed ‘Multi Lenses, Multi Bodies’, which will be held in Shanghai on March 24, and in Beijing on Mar 26. In the seminars, we will showcase the concept of ‘mix-and-match’ solutions that refers to the pairing of cinematic lenses and camera bodies from different brands for a variety of filming scenarios to produce a range of visual outcomes.


Setting up different scenarios, the mix-and-match solutions will be demonstrated by a live shooting session with video editing and the final cut showcased at the seminar.


Featured solutions, among others, will be:

- New partner DJI showcasing its flagship flying and camera stabilisation systems including DJI Ronin and DJI Phantom 2 Vision+/Inspire

- Schneider-Kreuznach lenses demonstrating their compatibility and quality when mounted on over three different cameras

- Angenieux presenting the idea of “1+1=5”, demonstrating Zoom as an option to an entire set of prime lenses


At the seminars, Jebsen Industrial will also introduce two of our latest service initiatives which will help to equip professionals and semi-professionals in the media and film industry with an even more complete solution set.


Pre-register and win an attractive prize [CLOSED]

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For more information or any questions, please contact, or contact Crystal Li at (86) 10 8519 8552.


We look forward to seeing you!