Date: 2014.08.27 ~ 2014.08.29

Booth: 8B10

City: Beijing, China

Jebsen Industrial, a leading supplier to the film and broadcast industry in Hong Kong and China for more than five decades, is showcasing a range of new digital film products and technologies at Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) this year.



Participating in Asia’s largest and most influential broadcasting industry show for the 16th year, Jebsen Industrial has dedicated its 120-square-meter booth to ‘Transformation: Digital Era, Digital View’.


“China’s broadcasting sector is embracing digital content creation and being reinvigorated as a powerhouse of creativity to rival Hollywood. To accelerate this ongoing transformation, we are presenting a range of new and exciting solutions in Beijing to satisfy content creators focused on high-end filmmaking and photography, high-speed video for slow-motion analysis, and Ultra HD and 3D production for feature films, TV, documentaries, music videos, trailers, advertising and other short-form content,” said Mr. Glavin Huang, Manager, Broadcast & Cinematic Solutions Department, Engineering & Technology Division, Jebsen Industrial.


Giant Transformer creates opportunity for filming

Celebrating China’s transformation and the power of digital filmmaking, the Jebsen Industrial booth at BIRTV 2014 is presided over by a four-meter-tall Transformer from the hugely popular “Transformers: Age of Extinction” movie. Creating a prop for onsite filming at the booth, the Transformer is the first to come to BIRTV and a potent reminder of the size and energy of China’s film market. Visitors have been flocking to get a close-up look at this genuine replica.



In addition to hosting the Transformer, Jebsen Industrial has also organized many onsite activities to amaze visitors, including a high-speed camera demonstration, which captures images of a row of water balloons being speared by needles within a 0.01 second timeframe. Trade visitors may also try out the latest Steadicam equipment to experience its benefits.


“With more than five decades of industry experience in Greater China, Jebsen Industrial takes a one-stop solutions-based approach to support the local film and TV industry shine on the global stage. We will continue to invest in China’s filmmaking and media sector, and commit to offer the best fitting filming solutions and equipment to the China market” Jebsen Industrial Managing Director, Maximilian von Stillfried said.


Cutting-edge products debut in Beijing

Technologies being featured at the Jebsen Industrial booth encompass the entire movie-making workflow and include pre- and post-production solutions and equipment, peripheral products and software from more than 20 leading brands. Jebsen Industrial is highlighting a range of systems for high-tech filming, 3D TV production and other high-value applications this year, many of which made their China debut at the show.



• The first Easyfocus distance measurement tool in Greater China. Easyfocus revolutionizes the art of focus pulling for high-end 2D, 3D and 4K Ultra HD filmmaking. Invented by legendary camera-maker Fritz Gabriel Bauer (AAC), the designer of the MOVIECAM and ARRICAM cameras, it provides filmmakers with exceptional performance in focus pulling, eliminating out-of-focus problems and ensuring high resolution and one-take shooting.


The Easyfocus at BIRTV is one of only ten sets worldwide. It is premiering in Beijing with an Arri camera, Master Anamorphic lenses and Panther Tristar dolly.


• China’s first AB-Live AB television system. Leveraging Thales Angenieux ’s expertise in optical solutions and Binocle 3D’s work in stereoscopic 3D systems, the AB television system is simple to set up, easy to shoot with and comes complete with automatic and live software analysis for totally mastered 3D effects.


• The latest lenses from the world’s top four brands. With lenses from Thales Angenieux , Cooke , Schneider and Zeiss, Jebsen Industrial is presenting a complete series of lenses: from prime lenses to zoom lenses, S35 lenses, full-spectrum lenses and anamorphic lenses.


This is the first time that Jebsen Industrial has brought the four brands together, helping it account for 75% of the market between 2011 and 2013.



Other technologies featured by Jebsen Industrial as part of its total filmmaking solution at BIRTV 2014 include:

• Animation solutions from Mental & Nature Animation, which includes Motion Builder and softimage, Alienbrain, Facerobot and more.

• The FilmLight digital image color processing system, including FLIP, Baselight TWO with Blackboard control panel, Baselight DAILIES and Baselight Editions, which enables filmmakers to make creative decisions at the earliest stage of the production process and create, store and manage media accordingly, all along the production pipeline.

• The Cortex digital media workflow platform developed by MTI Film of the US as a one-stop solution for the copying of materials, coloring, syncing of audio and video, and the management and transcoding of files, making the shooting site into the editing room.

• Highest quality camera dollies and tripod systems from leading global innovator Panther of Germany.

Steadicam ® stabilizer systems, including Archer 2 SP, Zephyr and other models from US-based Tiffen ®.

• The Schneider MPTV filter for film and television shooting, developed by the world-renowned manufacturer Schneider, which claims 40% of the global market for B+W camera filters.