Date: 2015.12.02 ~ 2015.12.05

Venue: National Exhibition & Convention Centre (Shanghai)

Booth: TBC

City: Shanghai

According to recent reports by both KPMG and PwC, China is set to drive growth in the global automotive industry. This is credited to increasing consumer demand from the world’s second largest automotive market as well as China’s continued attractiveness as an auto manufacturing location.


This is good news for Jebsen Industrial, which has long been a supporter of China’s automotive industry. Led by its Automotive Technik Division, Jebsen Industrial hopes to pave the way to sustainable success for both domestic manufacturers as well as international brands with a presence in China.


To showcase its complete suite of leading solutions for the automotive sector, Jebsen Industrial will participate in Automechanika Shanghai 2015 (Dec 2-5, Shanghai). The annual tradeshow is part of a global series of Automechanika events that is respected by the international community. For Automechanika Shanghai 2015, Jebsen Industrial will debut BLAUMANN, all four of its joint venture businesses as well as long-standing principal PROFIL .


BLAUMANN is Jebsen Industrial’s first wholly owned brand of premium products, parts and services for the aftermarket segment. It currently has a comprehensive range of motor oil solutions, developed with Jebsen Industrial’s in-house expertise, and is pursuing plans to expand its offerings to meet the growingly sophisticated needs of aftermarket players. 



Mitec-Jebsen )/"> Mitec-Jebsen , a joint venture between Jebsen Industrial and Mitec of Germany, has earned itself the reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-performance balancer shaft systems. Since its establishment in 2007, it has steadily increased production capacity, reaching one million balancer sets by 2013. This is a clear signal that the market has acknowledged the quality and efficacy of Mitec-Jebsen ’s solutions.



Jebsen-TCG )/"> Jebsen-TCG , Jebsen Industrial’s second joint venture, was founded on a partnership with TCG Unitech of Austria to produce premium pumps at a state-of-the-art plant in Dalian. Made from advanced composite materials and high-precision components, Jebsen-TCG variable oil and water pumps are known to increase fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and extend engine life. It is now the single largest supplier of Gen 2 EA888 oil pumps to Volkswagen China.



MSR-Jebsen )/"> MSR-Jebsen , a 50:50 venture between Jebsen Industrial and Micon Holdings, produces energy-saving gasoline direct-injection fuel pump housings that perfectly meet market demands for more eco-friendly automotive solutions. Its direct injection technology, imported from Switzerland and localised for the Chinese market, has been proven to increase fuel efficiency by up to 15%.



Jebsen tedrive Steering is Jebsen Industrial’s youngest joint venture, announced in 2014. The partnership with tedrive Steering, German steering system and components expert, will allow the business to produce a full range of advanced steering systems for all vehicle segments, specifically engineered for the Chinese market.  


Finally, PROFIL , the global leader in mechanically joined fastener technology, will also join Jebsen Industrial at Automechanika Shanghai 2015. With its premium pierce nuts and studs, exclusive riveting process, complete systems and customised automated feeding equipment, PROFIL has been the supplier of choice for the global automotive industry for decades.



To find out how Jebsen Industrial can help you succeed in Greater China’s automotive industry, or for more information on any of the brands participating in Automechanika Shanghai 2015, please contact us here