Date: 2016.03.23 ~ 2016.03.25

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

City: Shanghai,China

While Jebsen Industrial is a regular exhibitor at Food Ingredients China (FIC), it continues to surprise and delight the industry with its innovative solutions each year. At FIC 2016 (Mar 23-25, Shanghai), its Specialty Ingredients & Solutions team surpassed its own record, attracting and engaging as many as 1,800 visitors.  


This is particularly impressive given that FIC is regarded as China’s largest and most influential tradeshow in the area of food additives and ingredients, and featured 1,500 exhibiting companies. Jebsen Industrial’s ability to stand out from the competition comes from its culture of innovation.



Introducing Weiwanjia

A key highlight of Jebsen Industrial’s participation at FIC 2016 was the tradeshow debut of its very own Weiwanjia. The self-owned brand offers a growing range of premium food products that have been developed exclusively by Jebsen Industrial’s food engineers at its Research & Development Centre in Shanghai.


With Jebsen Industrial’s deep understanding of the Chinese F&B market, close observation of consumer trends and in-house technical and business expertise, Weiwanjia products are known for their innovative approach, market relevance as well as application versatility and ease. It is little wonder that Weiwanjia received an enthusiastic response at FIC 2016. The Jebsen Industrial on-site team was kept busy throughout the tradeshow as many visitors were keen to learn more about Weiwanjia products. After understanding more from the team and personally tasting the products, many show-goers were generous with their praise for Weiwanjia—and Jebsen Industrial.


In addition to Weiwanjia’s signature yoghurt concentrate drink, which can be taken alone or easily added to other products for a nutritious probiotic boost, FIC visitors were also introduced to Weiwanjia’s new corn juice powder and milk powder with protein. To demonstrate the versatility of these products, the Jebsen Industrial team prepared a wide and creative spread of tasting options.


“The industry clearly recognises that Weiwanjia is a safe, nutritious and premium product. After all, it is backed by Jebsen Industrial’s reputation for food safety and quality. What makes Weiwanjia really unique, I feel, is that its products offer endless application opportunities,” said Elizabeth Leung, General Manager of Specialty Ingredients & Solutions, Jebsen Industrial.


“In this highly competitive environment, food manufacturers are looking for new and creative ways to excite consumers. We are supporting them with our series of Weiwanjia products as well as our in-house expertise. We are well equipped to help customers develop and prototype new food applications in our R&D Centre, so that customers are assured of the product’s market feasibility. FIC 2016 was an excellent platform for us to showcase this.”



Improving solution variety

While Weiwanjia did steal the spotlight at FIC 2016, other solutions by Jebsen Industrial’s globally renowned principals continued to attract interest. Sensus , DEK Coffee, Nexira , ABAC, Akay , Daregal, Futura , Syral , and Weishardt added interest to the Jebsen Industrial booth, which was a hive of activity for three full days.


Inulin, the natural soluble dietary fibre by Sensus , created quite a buzz along with DEK Coffee, whose high quality products are known to conform to International Food Standards (IFS) and BRC Global Standards. Jebsen Industrial also had Nexira return to FIC for yet another year, bringing its premium natural nutraceutical ingredients and botanical extracts to the Chinese market. Akay and Daregal also added some spice to the tradeshow with their tantalising aromatics.



“As an established market leader in China’s F&B scene, Jebsen Industrial is proud to be the partner of choice for many international brands. Such partnerships allow us to bring the best and most relevant solutions from around the world to China, so that our local customers enjoy maximum benefit. We achieved this objective at FIC 2016 and are already looking forward to next year’s show,” said Ms Leung.  


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