Date: 2017.08.25 ~ 2017.08.27

Jebsen Industrial has wrapped up a successful showing at China Dairy 2017, hosted in the country’s dairy capital of Huhhot in Inner Mongolia. The three-day tradeshow was an opportunity for Jebsen Industrial, which has been serving the local dairy industry for over two decades, to showcase how product innovation can unlock growth opportunities.


“In the fast-changing food and beverage industry, we believe that dairy products with creative flavours and greater nutritional value will continue to excite consumers. We are proud to have the in-house capabilities to develop innovative new recipes at our dedicated R&D Centre in Shanghai, and ready to share this with our customers,” said Jeff Cui, Business Line Leader of Specialty Ingredients & Solutions, Jebsen Industrial. 



A selection of these innovations, crafted by Jebsen Industrial’s Food Ingredients, Nutrition & Health team, were presented to the industry at China Dairy 2017. This came in the form of a buffet of exciting new tastes, which visitors were invited to sample for themselves.


The garlic vanilla cheese and vanilla yoghurt drink was formulated from principal Daregal’s pumpable liquid mix, imparting a real vanilla flavour and delicious mouthfeel, while a rich and creamy yoghurt, made with Atlantal’s milk concentrate, surprised visitors with its low fat content of just 3.2%.




Another crowd favourite was the oat-flavoured milk. The recipe featured Sensus inulin, which is known to improve gastrointestinal function and reduce the amount of added sugar, as well as Nexira ’s acacia gum, which has good emulsion stability for a smooth, silky taste.


In engaging about 300 tradeshow visitors, the Jebsen Industrial team clearly highlighted how the safe and nutritious products from its family of principals can be combined in creative ways to deliver business success.


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