Jebsen Building Products’ Managing Director Vincent So outlines strategic plans for the business


In just eight years, Jebsen Building Products has earned the reputation and trust of our customers in the market. It joined the Jebsen Industrial family in January 2015, seeking synergies and new growth opportunities. With the year 2016 just around the corner, Managing Director Vincent So takes stock of the present and outlines the future of the business.


Jebsen Building Products’ Managing Director Vincent So outlines strategic plans for the business


What have been the critical success factors for Jebsen Building Products to-date?

I believe that we are able to differentiate ourselves in three important ways. Firstly, we are able to anticipate and respond to the market trends. All the products and solutions that we offer contribute to environmental protection through eco-friendly features and international green accreditations, health and well-being through compliance with international healthcare standards as well as safety and security with product performance meeting industry standards and regulations. These are areas that an increasing number of customers are focusing on. 


The second factor is our ability to be a one-stop solution provider. Our portfolio includes three major areas: Sanitaryware, Tiles & Health Care Equipment; Landscape, Wall & Flooring Systems as well as Partition, Door & Hardware Solutions. This is unique because many of our competitors focus on a single area. In addition, we offer technical after-sales services to serve our customers throughout their solution lifetime.


The third factor is our staff capabilities. I am very proud of my team—they possess a high level of product knowledge and technical expertise and also a professional, customer-centric attitude. They are committed to helping our customers succeed, and our customers recognise and value that.


What is your market outlook for Jebsen Building Products in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, we are regarded as a well-established and well-reputed business. We have a good track record of government and commercial projects, including Tin Shui Wai Hospital, the newly constructed public hospital which will be serving Hong Kong’s New Territory district in 2016.  We also have a hotel project in Macau providing timber door sets to world class resort Wynn Palace to be opened next year. In December 2014, we also completed the Kwun Tong Promenade project, which required the safe and sustainable decking of a 750m-long timber boardwalk along Victoria Harbour. Besides these, we also have renovation projects supplying sanitaryware and fittings to major office buildings in Central such as Jardine House, Alexandra House, Edinburgh Tower and Gloucester Tower.


Looking ahead, I believe that the ongoing expansion of Hong Kong’s public infrastructure holds many opportunities for the building and construction industry as a whole. For us at Jebsen Building Products, we will continue to leverage our market leadership to seek long-term growth.  


Are there any specific growth areas within the Hong Kong market?

I believe one area would be healthcare. The Hong Kong government is investing heavily in public healthcare, like establishing new hospitals, to better serve the community. We have the capabilities to go after such projects given our strength in sanitaryware. Not too long ago, we won the tender to provide sanitaryware solutions to Hong Kong’s Children’s Hospital, the city’s first paediatric specialist centre. Our solutions met not only strict hygiene standards, but had achieved water efficiency too. This shows us that the green movement in Hong Kong will also continue to offer us many business opportunities.


What about Mainland China?

We are a relatively new market entrant in Mainland China but synergies with the wider Jebsen Industrial family are helping us make good inroads. The major market trend that is driving our growth in China now is an increasing awareness, and stricter requirements, around food safety.


At the moment, we are actively promoting Deflecta, an advanced mould protection solution, to the Chinese F&B industry. We have already seen some success with three recent project wins—Budweiser’s expanded greenfield brewery in Foshan, Carlsberg’s new greenfield brewery in Dalian and Heinz’s expanded seasoning production base in Shanghai are using Deflecta to combat mould and bacteria growth in their production facilities. To pursue this area, we have to promote or even educate the market on the benefits of concrete treatment solution, because Deflecta is still relatively new to China.


Is that an example of the business synergies you mentioned?

Definitely. The Specialty Ingredients & Solutions business has a well-established network, deep industry knowledge and proven customer base in China’s F&B industry. This has been instrumental in helping us break into the market. Jebsen Industrial also has a strong organisational presence in China, which will be good leverage as we expand.


Moving forward, however, I believe there are many other ways in which we can achieve business synergy, especially through the sharing of market insights. To give an example, the Automation & Services business is also active in the building and construction industry. I see opportunities for collaboration, cross-selling and the sharing of experience and expertise.


What else is in the future for Jebsen Building Products?

We need to continue enhancing our portfolio in order to maintain our competitive advantage as a one-stop service provider. I also hope to diversify our customer base—in addition to public sector projects, we want to focus on commercial projects for office buildings, hotels and shopping malls. With the commitment of our team, I believe that the future is bright.