Visitors to Jebsen Industrial offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou may notice a series of 20 posters that collectively present the company’s background, values, commitment, business scope and people in a fun and visually attractive manner.


This was the result of a 10-month project led by Jebsen Industrial’s Marketing & Communications team members Connie Luong, Marketing Executive, and Ella Liu, Intern, who took on the challenge armed simply with passion and perseverance.


JI Identify Poster Project


“Jebsen Industrial strives ‘to be the most trusted and recognised business partner for Asia delivering dynamic and sustainable B2B growth solutions’ in diverse industry sectors. This is our corporate positioning but we were curious—what does it mean to our people? What image comes to mind when they read this? What feelings do they associate with Jebsen Industrial’s corporate identity? For this project, we were inspired to present Jebsen Industrial in a way that our partners, customers and staff could identify with. That is how the project came to be known as ‘JI Identify’,” explained Ms Luong.


Delving deeper

Going beyond a straightforward ‘sketch-layout-print-and-post’ approach, the project began with extensive brainstorming sessions within the team.


 JI Identify Poster Project


  “We had so many ideas during the conceptualisation phase that the real challenge was to agree on a design theme! We had to create a concept that, while being true to Jebsen Industrial’s brand image, would bring out the message of each of the 20 posters. Consistency in terms of visual approach and look-and-feel was also very important,” said Ms Liu.


Once the team had an overall design concept, staff engagement was the next essential step.  Ms Luong and Ms Liu joined the Townhall Dialogue sessions in each of Jebsen Industrial’s four offices to introduce and involve their colleagues in the project. They set up a photo corner and encouraged people to take fun photos with the props provided. These photos, as a compilation of the ‘faces’ of Jebsen Industrial, were eventually used in one of the posters. A survey was also conducted for employees to share their thoughts and feelings about Jebsen Industrial. From this, the team collected keywords to develop the taglines for each poster. 

Having created much buzz and excitement over the JI Identify project among their colleagues, the team was able to rope in eight volunteers to model for the posters and enlist a colleague from Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions as their photographer.


 “We felt that the best candidates to direct, produce and represent Jebsen Industrial’s identity were our own people. Having familiar faces on the posters would also help people relate better to the message we wanted to send. With our colleagues’ support, we arranged for a one-day indoor and outdoor photo shoot at our Hong Kong office. The pre-shoot coordination work was quite challenging as I had to juggle numerous schedules, locations, costumes and equipment but it turned out to be one of the most memorable parts of the project. It was great to see everyone having fun together and that made the effort all worthwhile,” said Ms Liu. 


Jebsen Industrial is made of people—people who are passionate and proactive; people who make things happen for our customers, our partners and ourselves


Elaborating, Ms Luong said: “We chose people to be the focus of our posters in order to move away from the preconception that industrial is all about machinery. Visually, our approach features people in industry-related background, supported by a strong but simple headline. Our message is that Jebsen Industrial is made of people—people who are passionate and proactive; people who make things happen for our customers, our partners and ourselves.”


Doing more with less

Even though the team had no professional background and support of a third-party design agency for a project of this scale, they were able to succeed. According to Ms Rita Ng, Manager of Marketing & Communications, there were several reasons for this: “Connie and Ella really took ownership of the project and were motivated to do it well. I felt that they were driven by curiosity and creativity and it was gratifying to see them challenging their limits and picking up new skills along the way. As a result of the project, I believe that they have developed a keener sense for details and sharpened the way they interact with others. These are skills that will benefit them in the long run.”


Jebsen Industrial is made of people—people who are passionate and proactive; people who make things happen for our customers, our partners and ourselves