Building on its firm foundation in Greater China, Jebsen Industrial’s petrochemicals business is ready to go international.


Rapid economic growth in Greater China and the rising position in international level are fuelling development of specialty chemical industry. Adopting a more globalised perspective in terms of its qualified solution offerings is the way forward for Jebsen Industrial’s Specialty Ingredients & Solutions Business. George Fu, Business Leader of Petrochemical & Fibre, shares more.



How has China’s chemical industry developed in recent years?

China’s chemical industry has been developing rapidly in terms of product quality, variety and volume. We are also seeing many companies striving to attain international industry standards. At the moment, the industry seems to be focused on product quality standards as well as Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management. HSE management involves systems, processes and procedures that are designed to protect employees, the public and the environment. The goal is to create and maintain a workplace that is safe for employees to work in, while minimising its impact on the environment through emission and waste reduction.


What opportunities does this offer Jebsen Industrial?

We are very positive about the outlook of the industry. We serve as a bridge to connect global principals with local customers. Given that Chinese chemical companies have recognised the importance of HSE management, we believe we are in a good position to partner them for sustainable business success and that there is much room for growth. In this aspect, we mainly work on two areas in respect of HSE management. Firstly, we aim to deliver more safe and appropriate products in order to contribute to the health and well-being of the society. Secondly, we obtain the HSE management through optimising the operation procedure such as packing while handling the dangerous goods.


Do you foresee any challenges?

We will certainly be challenged along the way. One of them is price competition from local suppliers. This is why it is important for us to demonstrate our value proposition clearly. We are able to provide more value-added solution to our customers, plus the long-term partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, which give us access to solutions that are technologically superior and have a proven track record of success. At Jebsen Industrial, we also have more than 120 years of local industry experience. We understand the market and invest time and effort to understand each customer’s business needs and challenges. From there, we are able to tailor a solution that is best suited for them. We strive to be more than a one-stop solution provider, but a trustable and reliable business partner to our customers.


What’s in the future for Jebsen Industrial’s petrochemical business?

As the world and the industry changes, we need to update our business model to stay relevant and stay ahead of the competition. Building on our success in China, we also need to keep pace with time. The Petrochem E-business platform is our first step forward. This online presence allows us to connect with local customers as well as oversea principals and develop our market on a global basis.


We are also developing partnerships with overseas principals in different format, for example, Joint Venture. It is quite an exciting prospect to synergise our excellent service experience and established network with technical solution from our principals. Moreover, despite of providing leading petrochemical products from principals overseas, we discover that technical solutions in Greater China are becoming mature. Therefore, we plan to deliver local petrochemical products worldwide. To share the success of the petrochemical industry of Greater China is a valuable opportunity to introduce Greater China to the world, I believe.