For the Chinese, there are few occasions as well and thoroughly celebrated as Spring Festival. It is a time of celebration with family and friends, with bountiful food and thoughtful gifts. For everyone at Jebsen, it was also a time to reunite at Jebsen Group’s Annual Dinner. The yearly affair was held in the four cities of Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong in early February, just ahead of Spring Festival.


Magnificent ballrooms, delicious food and drinks, energetic performances and exciting lucky draws—all these elements came together to create an amazing atmosphere for Jebsen people to reunite and celebrate after a year’s hard work.


Jebsen Group’s Annual Dinner


The Annual Dinners began with uplifting speeches by Jebsen Group Chairman Mr Hans Michael Jebsen and Group Managing Director Mr Helmuth Hennig. They gave thanks to all staff for contributing to the Group’s major achievements in 2014, spoke of bright prospects in 2015 and proposed a toast, together with the management team, to everyone.


Opening speech by ebsen Group Chairman Mr Hans Michael Jebsen


Toasting from the Jebsen Management Team



The event also saw the conferment of five-, 10- and 25-year long service awards to loyal employees and Jebsen Scholarships to children of employees with excellent academic performance. To keep everyone excited from beginning to end, lucky draw sessions with attractive prizes were held regularly. But the real highlight of the Annual Dinners was the performances put up by employees.


At the Guangzhou and Shanghai events, the spotlight shone on powerful singing and dance performances while in Beijjing, an amusing dance drama to the popular Chinese song ‘Little Apple’ filled the ballroom with laughter. In Hong Kong, where the Annual Dinner was themed ‘Jebsen Oscar Night’, ‘dancing queens’ took to the stage while ‘beer kings’ were crowned in a drinking competition. With Best Dressed prizes up for grabs, the Hong Kong event welcomed a procession of notable figures including a rather convincing Iron Man and Egyptian Pharaoh.


Although the Annual Dinners were held in different cities, the events shared many things in common—happy faces, bright attitudes, an infectious atmosphere and a team and family spirit that is uniquely Jebsen. 


Excellent performance during Jebsen Annual Dinner

Jebsen Industrial Group Photo in Hong Kong Annual Dinner