Welcoming a new addition to the family is always a joyous occasion. Parents look after their bundle of joy with the utmost care and concern, wanting to give their child only the best. When it comes to nutrition, parents agree that mother’s milk is the best. Clinical studies have shown that babies who are fed mother’s milk have a higher level of intestinal bifidobacterium within days of birth. This helps them digest nutrients more effectively for healthier bowl movement and a stronger immune system so they also tend to fall sick less frequently. 


However, not all mothers are able to produce sufficient milk to cater to their baby’s demands, especially during growth spurt phases. Infant formula is the next best option but babies on regular formula often have a lower level of intestinal bifidobacterium. As they are less able to absorb nutrients, these babies tend to be more susceptible to infections and atopic eczema. To ensure that formula-fed babies get the nutrition and protection they need from a young age, a probiotic strain called the bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 has been developed.


Probiotics products boost immune system for children


Clinical validation has suggested that adding probiotics like BB-12 to infant formula can help babies develop a healthy bacterial balance in their intestines. In fact, feeding babies BB-12 fortified infant formula can bring their bifidobacterium levels closer to that of babies on mother’s milk—which is far higher than babies on regular infant formula.


Chr Hansen, as a global leader in the world of probiotics, has developed a range of premium probiotics well suited for infant consumption. Its long history and proven track record of safe food additives has also earned it the stamp of approval from China’s health authorities. Its probiotics were developed after extensive R&D work to help newborn babies achieve healthy intestinal bacterial balance and suppress the production of bad bacteria. 


 Chr Hansen: the global leader in the world of probiotics


With reliable clinical literature and research to prove the safety, stability and benefits of Chr Hansen’s probiotics, Jebsen Industrial is proud to bring its premium probiotics to Greater China, helping all parents raise happy and healthy babies. 


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