At Jebsen Industrial, which has a staff of several hundreds, it is always someone’s birthday. And even though outside the workplace, everyone has friends, family and loved ones to spend their birthday with, Jebsen Industrial makes sure that no birthday goes unnoticed and uncelebrated at its offices.


Birthday celebrations: A Jebsen Industrial workplace tradition


This year, in addition to existing birthday treats and benefits, employees have made time to bond over cakes and well wishes with mass birthday parties in the office. These are usually scheduled during office hours once every two or three months to bring people together. Jebsen Industrial’s HR team works with local office committees to organise the celebrations, which often involve thematic and fun-filled programmes.


Employees made cakes for the birthday party


In Shanghai, every birthday party has been different. May’s celebration featured a Spring Poem Quiz, which was a trivia game about ancient Chinese poems depicting spring scenes. In August, the team got together to personally decorate cookies as gifts from the heart for the birthday babies.  


Over in Guangzhou, where life is about enjoying good food, the Jebsen Industrial team fills every birthday party with a delectable spread of desserts and fruits. The mini banquet is always meticulously set up, clearly showing their respect and passion for food.


Jebsen Industrial employees birthday party


Birthday parties are a natural part of workplace culture at Jebsen Industrial, which strives to create a comfortable and cohesive environment for its people. Staff well-being is one of three key Corporate Social Responsibility pillars for the organisation and it continues to invest in caring for its people.