Jebsen Industrial, led by its Automation & Services business line, participated in the 2016 China International Plastics New Material, New Technology, New Products Exhibition from November 6 to 8 in Nanjing. 


The technology-based exhibition organised by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association focused on the full industry value chain, making it a perfect platform for Automation & Services to showcase its world-class solutions. It partnered long-standing principal and Europe’s leading corona equipment manufacturer, SOFTAL, to present solutions that have the potential to be game-changers for industry players.




The highlight was clearly the SOFTAL AldyneTM, a multi-function corona and plasma treatment solution that achieves extremely high and long-lasting treatment levels without blocking effects on polymer films such as BOPP, cast PP, BOPET, PE and many others. Developed by SOFTAL and Air Liquide, the AldyneTM process eliminates the need for pre-treatment primers. Instead, optimal adhesion of inks, lacquers and coatings is achieved by modifying the film surface in a pure gas phase process.


In addition to seeing the technology first-hand at the exhibition, over 150 visitors to the Jebsen Industrial booth also learnt that the SOFTAL AldyneTM is optimised for research and development environments to support new product developments, testing and market launches.