Jebsen Industrial is poised to revolutionise manufacturing in China with Forcam Force


The terminology Industry 4.0, which refers to the fourth revolution of the industrial sector, started in Germany and has been gaining traction all around the world. At its core, Industry 4.0 believes that automation can completely change the way factories operate—harnessing emerging trends like digitisation, data analytics, advanced robotics and human-machine interaction (such as augmented reality) to dramatically improve quality and productivity while reducing costs.


For Jebsen Industrial Automation & Services, which focuses on ‘Green, Intelligent and Smart’ solutions, manufacturing automation and optimisation are the key to unlocking greater value. The Business Line has recently introducing Forcam Force to China, the product of Forcam, an innovative German IT solution provider.



The power of productivity

Forcam Force is an awarded Advanced Shop Floor Management Technology that harmonises all manufacturing operations to create a transparent factory environment. By seamlessly connecting machines and production lines, the technology enables effective data collection and analysis. All users, from machine operators and plant managers to top management, enjoy access to accurate, real-time production data from a central server or cloud solution, to facilitate better decision-making.


Forcam Force monitors the performance of over 60,000 machines globally and is deployed by best-in-class companies across a range of manufacturing industries today. According to Forcam, customers can enjoy productivity increases in excess of 20% within 12 months.


Ready for tomorrow

“At Jebsen Industrial, we believe that automation is the future of manufacturing. We are convinced that Forcam Force will help our customers reduce downtime and lower inventory, logistics and warehouse costs through Just-in-Time Production,” said Ms Rachel Cheung, Automation & Services Business Line Leader, Jebsen Industrial. “Our conversations with customers show that many of them are aware of the value of automation. I believe that it is our responsibility, as a trusted business partner, to help them capture this value, starting with Forcam Force.”


To learn more about Forcam Force, or to find out how Jebsen Industrial can help you succeed in Greater China, please contact us here.