As China’s dietary supplements market continues to grow, domestic health food companies now have a tremendous opportunity to create products new to China using advanced ingredients proven overseas, says an expert from Jebsen Industrial.


With tighter regulation and growing health awareness, domestic production of health food is expected to achieve 20% annual growth and top RMB 1 trillion (US$ 160 billion) by 2015, according to China’s 12th Five-Year Development Plan for the Food Industry.


“To serve this growing health food and nutritional supplement sector, companies need to combine China-specific industry knowledge with expertise in the world’s finest functional ingredients,” Roman Zhang, Key Account Manager of Nutrition & Health Department, Jebsen Industrial, said. “Jebsen Industrial has in-house nutritional specialists and relationships with many of the world’s top nutraceutical and functional ingredients producers. This unique combination makes us the ideal partner for China’s health food sector.”


Mr Zhang cites the recent development and launch of an immunity-boosting supplement as an example of what can be achieved.


In an earlier project, Jebsen Industrial approached a leading Shanghai-based nutrition company to recommend Glucanosom™, an advanced yeast glucan clinically proven to stimulate the immune system. Jebsen Industrial had recognized the potential for this ingredient to fit within the company’s expanding portfolio of quality products that promote health among children and the elderly.


abac yeast glucan for immunity boost


“Two factors made Glucanosom™ particularly attractive to this nutrition company,” said Mr Zhang. “First, it is both unique and effective, which will help our customer differentiate its products in China’s crowded supplement market. Second, Glucanosom™ is a premium product produced to the highest international standards by a well-respected Swiss company, Abac .”


Abac is known globally as an innovator of functional bio-products. It takes advantage of modern science and cutting-edge technology and uses natural ingredients and mild production methods. All Abac products adhere to strict international regulations, with Glucanosom™ receiving GRAS status as a “Generally Recognized as Safe” food additive under the US Food and Drug Administration. Abac has been working with Jebsen Industrial in Greater China since 2010.


As the China supplier of Glucanosom™, Jebsen Industrial provided a complete value-added service to its nutrition company customer. This included the timely supply of the ingredient on a two-week turnaround, but went beyond that to a role in product design.


“With expert knowledge of this yeast glucan, Jebsen Industrial was invited to help the customer work with the Glucanosom™ ingredient. We were able to use our understanding of the core value of this functional ingredient and our insights into the supplement market in China to help the customer create an effective product that meets a real market need,” said Mr Zhang.



abac yeast glucan for immunity boost


Throughout the five-month project, Jebsen Industrial worked closely with the customer’s research team, providing technical support as it designed and refined the product formula. The new product is now on sale in China, offering the immunity-enhancing properties of glucan to help counteract the stresses of modern urban life, especially air pollution and humid weather.


“Offering a complete value-added service, Jebsen Industrial not only supplies the finest functional ingredients but also provides professional consultancy on product design and positioning and in-depth technical support throughout the product R&D process,” Mr Zhang said. 


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