Everyone aspires to achieve a trim, lean and healthy body as the first step to looking good and feeling great. While many people choose to diet, the secret actually lies in eating right. And recent research has shown that wheat protein can help.


Dieting often leaves people feeling weak and lethargic because the body is not getting enough protein. In fact, studies have found that consuming protein gives rise to higher satiety than the same amount of carbohydrates or fat. This allows people to feel fuller for a longer period of time without being tempted to snack.


Jebsen Industrial supplies high quality hydrolysed wheat protein


Nature’s way to weight management

Among the different types of protein, wheat protein is an organic source of highly concentrated protein. Extracted from active wheat gluten, hydrolysed wheat protein has both wheat fibre and essential amino acids to increase satiety while ensuring that the body receives all the nutrition it needs. This makes it a safe, natural and healthy option for weight-watchers. For fitness enthusiasts, hydrolysed wheat protein is a natural energy booster that boasts nearly twice the amount of glutamine compared to other protein sources. And for the elderly, it provides important sulfur-containing amino acids and tryptophan to enhance the body’s immunity and fight against infection. Its high digestibility factor also ensures that all its natural goodness is effectively absorbed. 


Wheat protein is kosher, Halal and vegetarian, making it suitable for all forms of diet. Having identified it as an excellent alternative to dairy milk protein, Jebsen Industrial is proud to supply high quality hydrolysed wheat protein. This is now widely used in a variety of food products and nutritional supplements, giving Chinese consumers a safe and healthy way to stay in shape.


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