Every business seeks growth—the more, the faster, the better. But speed must come with Focus.


Organisational dynamism gives us the ability to respond to fundamental changes in the market. China’s recent ‘Black Monday’ sent global stock markets reeling because the world does not know how to deal with a China that is no longer booming. We believe that China will now grow at a lower and more sustainable rate. The nation’s demographic changes may present challenges but there are growth opportunities for those who are prepared.


At Jebsen Industrial, we think long term. As we grow our business, we are also growing a personality—one that is caring towards customers, employees and community.


In the niche markets we serve, customer value continues to be our priority. We are finding new ways to reach and engage them, as Specialty Ingredients & Solutions has done with its new e-store in TMall. We are also enhancing our portfolio to deliver the complete, all-rounded offering that customers want. Our Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions team is leading the way with its ‘Capturing Beyond Limits’ multi-brands, multi-channels strategy.


In the same way, we are also paying attention to our people’s needs. Caring for their well-being is the key to driving a high-performance culture. This starts with Listening, Understanding and Taking action. We have developed different communication channels for our colleagues to give us valuable feedback. Some of this has already been translated into actual initiatives, like our recent Family Day event. In caring for our people, we are also looking after their career and professional development. Carol Liu, who graduated from the Jebsen Trainee Programme and found a permanent position with us in Shanghai, is one such example.


Growing a personality is more than building a brand. It is developing an identity that is true to our views and values. The JI Identify Poster Project is our latest initiative to narrow the gap between who we are and how we are perceived. By caring for people and helping them identify with us, we build trust. And that is the cornerstone of our long-term success.