Jebsen Industrial shares insights at a seminar in Munich, Germany


Jebsen Industrial's Grow Your Business in China Seminar, Munich, Germany


The events of August 2015, dubbed ‘China’s Black Monday’, may have altered the world’s perspective on the Chinese economy but Jebsen Industrial remains confident of the market’s long-term growth. To share its experience and expertise, the company organised a ‘Grow Your Business in China’ seminar in Munich, Germany to much success.


Joined by 20 representatives of the European business community, the seminar opened with a keynote by Mr Maximilian von Stillfried, Managing Director of Jebsen Industrial. He addressed questions regarding the overall stability of the Chinese economy in his presentation on ‘Transforming the Chinese Economy – Opportunities & Challenges’ and drew on Jebsen Industrial’s 120-year history in China to share business insights. He concluded that, moving forward, China will grow at a lower, more sustainable rate and that demographic changes will be a factor to deal with. However, this will also prompt demand for higher-quality and better-value products in the world’s second largest economy, and offer new growth opportunities for businesses.


With the keynote session setting the tone for the rest of the seminar, delegates were invited to participate in one of three concurrent breakout sessions. These workshops allowed delegates to hear directly from, and interact with, members of Jebsen Industrial’s senior management.


Jebsen Industrial 'Grow Your Business Seminar in China', Munich, Germany


Understanding the Chinese market

Delegates keen on decoding the nuances of the Chinese market joined this session on ‘Capturing the Chinese Market for the Next 10 Years – Do’s and Don’ts’. Led by Mr Philbert Chin, Head of Business Development, Jebsen Industrial, the workshop was an in-depth study of the Chinese economy, marketplace and customer mindset. Through case study analyses, Mr Chin guided delegates in developing business tools that they could use to navigate the Chinese market.


Achieving the right sales channel mix

In a market as large and diverse as China, a targeted sales strategy can be the key to success. Jebsen Industrial’s General Manager of Specialty Ingredients & Solutions Dr Elizabeth Leung and General Manager of Automation & Services Ms Rachel Cheung led this session on ‘Successfully Matching Sales Channels and Your Business’. They discussed the pros and cons of various sales options, from own setups over agency and distribution networks to local branding—while stressing that the nature and needs of each business should determine which sales channels are right for it. To illustrate this point, they invited Mr Hector Bandelier, CEO of MNL Group to share how his company created an optimal channel mix in China.


Exploring partnerships

Delegates keen on understanding business model options for entry into the Chinese market joined this session by Mr Arnie Jensen, Director & General Manager, Jebsen Automotive Technik. Now overseeing five joint ventures with foreign partners in China, Mr Jensen shared his experience in ‘Tackling the Market by Combining Strengths – German-Chinese Partnerships’. MSR Technology, represented by Managing Director Robert Stoehr, also supported the session by sharing their experience in setting up a manufacturing joint venture in China.


Jebsen Industrial 'Grow Your Business Seminar in China', Munich, Germany


Jebsen Industrial’s ‘Grow Your Business in China’ seminar was made possible with the support of the German-Chinese Business Association (DCW) and Chinaforum Bayern.


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