Jebsen Industrial holds its half-yearly staff town-hall meetings in four Chinese cities


The first week of August 2014 saw Jebsen Industrial holding a series of staff town-hall dialogue sessions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. The communication platform is designed for employees and management to have an open and honest discussion on all matters of interest to them and the business.



“We need an open communication and work culture to enable us to perform effectively and continuously improve our business productivity. We value every employee’s voice equally. Every single person in Jebsen Industrial is key to our success,” said Managing Director Maximilian von Stillfried.


The town-hall session was aptly themed ‘Succeed to Win’ and covered a range of topics including the state of the business with discussions around division-specific achievements and challenges as well as employee growth issues like career development, training and feedback from the Employee Insight Survey. The management team also shared the progress of follow-up actions identified during the last Town-Hall Dialogue in February this year. Many employees expressed their appreciation for this, since it demonstrated that their opinions are being taken seriously. This also inspired them to participate even more actively, especially during the panel discussion on Principal Management. It was a new agenda item but one that was particularly well received as employees freely raised questions and shared experiences. In Beijing, the discussion even extended to the possibility of mergers and acquisitions as a path to business growth.



Over in Shanghai, the Supply Chain team shared their experience of increasing productivity by defining and refining key performance indicators. This was paralleled in Guangzhou where work process improvements were discussed with the view of improving productivity. These are all highly relevant issues in today’s business environment—a point that Group Managing Director Helmuth Hennig brought up at the Hong Kong session.


“We are facing a more mature market where we have to add value beyond our customers' and suppliers’ expectations. We have all the elements in place; now, we just need to make things happen,” he said, closing the session on an inspiring note.



The Jebsen Industrial Town-Hall Dialogue is held twice a year. The next session is scheduled to coincide with the Group’s Annual Dinners in early 2015.