Jebsen Building Products provides reliable and secure access control to City’s largest inflight catering service provider.


Having extended its existing facility with a new 4-storey building, Cathay Pacific Catering Centre were able to increase their capacity by 40%, producing 140,000 meals and handling 310 flights on a daily basis. When designing such a large-scale flight catering production unit, security and safety of the food production areas were the key concerns related to building access control. To meet this challenge, the architect and the contractor turned to Jebsen Building Products for an integrated ironmongery solution.



Achieving Quality Specifications


With the client’s demand of a well-coordinated and reliable ironmongery package, a range of hardware products with high standards in manufacturing and quality control were sourced. Jebsen Building Products was able to bring together products from different industry-leading manufacturers and to deliver the end results within a tight schedule, as well as to help reduce replacement and long-term maintenance costs.



The robust GEZE overhead door closer system with integrated hydraulic closing sequence control provides protection against intentional damage. The anti-pick CES cylinders were chosen to support the Master Key System, which come in a wide range of sizes and types. These two products were complemented with the durable Hager hinges and lock cases; ideal for heavyweight doors intended for intensive usage. All products are compliant with the fire resistance test BS EN1634-1, essential for building materials installed in the food preparation and cooking area.



Delivering Reliable Services


In addition to the provision of a comprehensive hardware solution, Jebsen Building Products worked closely with the manufacturers, architect, and contractor through all stages of the project to enable seamless integration across different ironmongery products. The ironmongery scheduling services, Master Key System planning and cost saving analysis offered by our team, all resulted in a cohesive workflow for the contractor; guaranteeing the smooth delivery of a safe and secure integrated access solution.