At Jebsen Industrial, we are in the business of connecting markets and companies. The Brexit referendum speaks to the ongoing changes and challenges that are raised by globalisation and has brought the importance of building and maintaining ties into spotlight.



Interconnectedness is at the core of our business. As a trusted partner to our principals in the West and our customers in Asia, we continue to find new ways to improve access and strengthen our presence. Our Petrochemical & Fibre business, as an example, has recently started an e-platform to engage the global business community while our Automation & Services business line has opened a Spindle Repair Centre in Dalian, China to make specialised and faster aftersales services more easily accessible to our customers.


We maintain interconnectedness by speaking the language of our principals and customers and mutually listening to each other. By forming a common definition of ‘value’ and supporting them to reach it, we deliver precisely on their needs. A good example is how JCineCast worked closely with leading equipment rental company Scenefone to identify market gaps and develop a solution with Panther and Angenieux , our principals.


When building connections, we seek to bridge cultural differences and foster emotional bonding between people to build relationships based on trust and familiarity. We continuously engage young entrepreneurs with multi-cultural background into our business letting them manage their own projects as well as value their input of new perspectives. We also regularly engage in communication and fun staff activities nurturing an uplifting work culture.


By being open and engaging in effective communication, we are building trust and familiarity with our principals, our customers and our own people and developing into one cohesive team. We are turning these connections into strong bonds. 。


The summer is a good time to gain positive energy from long and sunny days. I wish you joy with your dear ones and look forward to further strengthen bonds with you in the second half of the year.