Beijing, 18 July 2016 – Today, Jebsen Industrial debuts its latest self-owned brand, BelleSalud, which means ‘wonderful, happy and healthy’ in English, is a premium range of scientifically proven and natural dietary supplement that tailors for modern citizens by the company’s Specialty Ingredients & Solutions Business Line.



“Our in-depth market analysis has shown that there is a growing appetite for healthy and wellness supplements in China. BelleSalud can satisfy those who seek being natural and healthy,” said Dr Elizabeth Leung, Business Line Leader of Specialty Ingredients & Solutions. “The BelleSalud customers are happy, healthy and bright. They understand the importance of maintaining wellness. Being the educated and successful citizen, they seek healthy formulations that are safe, natural and scientifically proven. Quality and efficacy are of topmost importance to them.”


To illustrate how BelleSalud is ready to serve this market, Dr Leung points to the brand’s signature product—Sakura Collagen Powder. While the beauty benefits of collagen are widely known, her team chose to combine premium collagen sourced from France with sakura. The Japanese cherry blossom has already been classified as natural ingredients in Japanese food culture. It can resist skin aging, reduce wrinkles and brighten your skin. Moreover, it has been shown to enhance the body’s absorption of collagen and support collagen formation. 



For its market debut, BelleSalud will also be introducing Probiotics, formulated from ingredients sourced from Europe and supported by scientific articles that it improved the wellness of intestine and strengthened immunity. 



“We are confident that the market will take well to BelleSalud. The brand is backed by over 50 years of industry experience, deep market familiarity and an unwavering commitment to quality and safety,” said Dr Leung.


BelleSalud is the second self-owned brand by Specialty Ingredients & Solutions. In 2015, the business line successfully launched Weiwanjia, a range of nutritious and delicious solutions for the food and beverage industry. BelleSalud’s Sakura Collagen Powder and Probiotics are now available via Jebsen Industrial’s Alibaba e-store at More healthy products will be added in the near future.


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