As the largest distributor of cinematic lenses and film equipment in Greater China, Jebsen Industrial has officially announced the establishment of a Cinematic & Broadcasting (C&B) Service Centre to further enhance its services and solutions to the media and film industry.


Through Jebsen Industrial C&B Service Centre, the company is effectively extending its portfolio from industry solutions to encompass technical services as well. Established in Beijing and Shanghai, the C&B Service Centre serves both professional and semi-professional industry players, including equipment rental companies, production companies, film crew and academic institutions. It is committed to helping them get the best value from their investments in cinematic lenses and film equipment by offering technical services of international standards, delivered locally. This is expected to translate into significant time and cost savings for customers.


Cinematic & Broadcasting Lens Maintenance Service


Jebsen Industrial C&B Service Centre is staffed exclusively with service technicians who are accredited and officially trained by original manufacturers—including industry-leading lens brands like Angenieux , Carl Zeiss, Cooke , Schneider and Leica as well as notable equipment makers like Arri , Convergent Design, O’Connor, Panther and Steadicam , among others.


“The establishment of Jebsen Industrial C&B Service Centre is exciting news for us. We view this as an opportunity to better serve the local media and film industry, and to strengthen our presence in the market. We are delighted to further our partnership with Jebsen Industrial in bringing world-class lens maintenance services to China,” said Mr Michel Barria, Head of Customer Services, Thales Angenieux .


In addition to lens and filming equipment repair services, Jebsen Industrial’s servicing team will also offer other technical services, including regular equipment maintenance services as well as comprehensive training programmes that cover the use and maintenance of filming equipment, on-set safety, lens care and maintenance. 


 Jebsen Industrial C&B Service Centre provide lens maintenance services


Jebsen Industrial C&B Service Centre is fully equipped with manufacturer-approved testing equipment and imported facilities, including automatic calibrators, state-of-the-art projectors and ultra-clean working benches, which are on par with manufacturers’ factories. The centre also maintains its own warehouse of genuine, commonly used spare parts for speedier servicing, and provides a three-month warranty on all replaced parts. 


“At Jebsen Industrial, we have dedicated over 50 years to equipping Greater China’s media and film industry with end-to-end workflow solutions. In our role as the industry’s trusted, one-stop business partner, we are constantly seeking to deliver greater value by enhancing our brand portfolio and developing innovative ways to serve our customers. Jebsen Industrial C&B Service Centre is a new channel through which we hope to share our expertise with both professional industry players as well as the semi-professional community,” said Mr Philbert Chin, Head of Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions, Jebsen Industrial. 


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