Dumex Baby Food Co. Ltd., the producer of one of China’s best-selling infant formula brands, has deployed a Cama automatic packaging line from Jebsen Industrial. The new system uses 10% less carton material to save RMB 2 million per year while requiring two rather than three operators and handling over 35% more bags per hour.


DUMEX Package, produced by CAMA automate packaging line


Jebsen Industrial won the contract to supply the new equipment after a competitive tender process that drew bids from international and local suppliers. Its detailed tender included design proposals showing how the layout and footprint of the recommended machinery would fit into the Dumex plant; application examples demonstrating the Cama technology’s suitability for Dumex’s needs; and thorough risk and value analyses to contribute to an open and transparent comparison of the different systems.


This level of detail was only possible as a result of active consultation between Jebsen Industrial, Dumex and Cama .


Dumex had very clear requirements for the solution. It wanted to replace the semi-automatic packaging machines still running on its original production line to reduce reliance on skilled operators, who are becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain. Dumex was concerned about the effect the new packaging line would have on factory waste, product quality and safety. It also wanted to be sure that the technologies it selected would be able to accommodate future production changes.


DUMEX Package, produced by CAMA automate packaging line


To address these concerns, executives from Jebsen Industrial and Cama visited Dumex on numerous occasions to investigate the needs of different departments and also made several site visits.


“Such face-to-face communication ensured that we understood Dumex’s challenges and helped us address them in a timely manner. It was important for us to be able to demonstrate precisely how an accurate and efficient Cama system could create value for Dumex,” said Dr. Elizabeth Leung, General Manager of Jebsen Industrial’s Food, Beverage & Pharma Division. “The close relationship between Cama and Jebsen Industrial was instrumental in helping Dumex find the right solution to improve productivity.”


Jebsen Industrial has been the Greater China partner of Cama since 2005. With a network of experts across the region, Jebsen Industrial provides professional consultation on packaging solutions for different market segments. A team of dedicated Cama -trained engineers provides on-site installation and commissioning support, operational training and a variety of maintenance services.


The solution selected by Dumex is based on the following two Cama systems.


·         Cama CL169: a horizontal electronic cartoning machine that processes 120 pieces per minute and handles bags coming from two machines installed in the same line.


CAMA CL169: a horizontal electronic cartoning machine


·         Cama FW749: an electronic wrap-around case packer suitable for packing bags, boxes, cups, flow-wraps and rigid containers into a two-piece (tray and lid) display box. Versatile and efficient, it can position products flat, on edge or standing up in one or multiple layers and can also run trays, economy flap cases or hinged lid cases.


CAMA FW749: an electronic wrap-around case packer


About Cama

Based in Italy, Cama has been designing, developing and producing complete high-technology secondary packaging systems since 1981. Cama machines are fast, efficient and easy to operate with a good safety record. Precisely engineered in Italy from components made in Italy, they conform to the highest quality standards and provide reliable and stable operation over a long service life. Cama systems have been proven in numerous applications worldwide and the company counts many of the world’s most exacting food and personal care companies among its customers.


About Dumex

Dumex Baby Food Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Danone Group, produces one of China’s best-selling infant formula brands. The company was founded in 1992 and has grown to now have a presence in more than 780 cities across the nation. A recognized authority on infant health and nutrition, Dumex combines a long-term commitment to research and development with an unwavering focus on quality manufacturing. Its advanced factory is located in the Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, where it covers an area of 30,000 square meters and employs more than 1,000 people.


Jebsen Industrial is a trusted technology partner of Dumex. It has supplied several packaging machines to the factory, including Cama systems, and provided maintenance and spare parts services to the company for many decades. To find out how Jebsen Industrial can help you succeed in Greater China, or for more information about Cama , please click here to contact us.