Jebsen Industrial, which represents the industrial business interests of Jebsen Group, has announced its new Market Intelligence & Consultancy Services to help foreign companies enter and expand in China. The service offering includes in-depth and pragmatic research services as well as strategic business advice and solutions.


With 120 years of experience in doing business in China, Jebsen Industrial believes that its industry knowledge of over a dozen sectors and its extensive local network will be well sought after by companies that are keen on, but unfamiliar with, the Chinese market.

Mr Philbert Chin, Head of Business Development, Jebsen Industrial
Mr Philbert Chin, Head of Business Development, Jebsen Industrial

“The challenges that many foreign companies face in China today are similar to those that Jebsen has encountered and overcome. I am confident that we are able to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and, through our Market Intelligence & Consultancy Services, create the business value that they need and want,” said Mr Philbert Chin, Head of Business Development for Jebsen Industrial.  


And while the service offering is new, Mr Chin says that the capabilities supporting it are not.


“Jebsen Industrial is evolving to become a trusted advisor of foreign companies in Greater China. This is built on our foundation as a marketing and distribution organisation. To establish and grow our global principals’ brand presence locally, we have had to build strong internal capabilities—from market entry strategy and business positioning to channel marketing, supply chain optimisation and logistics management. Over the years, we have also accumulated significant market data and information that even major consulting firms may not own, especially in certain niche sectors. Through our Market Intelligence & Consultancy Services, we are leveraging our existing expertise and insights, and sharing this value with more companies as their strategic business partner,” he explained.


The specific services that Jebsen Industrial will offer depends entirely on each client’s strategic business needs in China, whether they are new and looking to enter the market, or established but seeking greater growth. Playing to Jebsen Industrial’s strengths, clients are expected to be foreign B2B industrial companies, particularly those in high-growth sectors like media and film, automotive, food ingredients, plastics and converting as well as nutrition and health.


Sample reports of case studies from different industries provided by Jebsen Industrial’s Market Intelligence & Consultancy Services can be downloaded here:


· Sample - Competitor Study for Flow Control Industry

· Sample - Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Study for Fine Chemical Industry

· Sample - Industry Study for Nutrition & Health

· Sample - Market Entry Study for Construction Industry 


To find out more about how Jebsen Industrial’s Market Intelligence & Consultancy services can help you succeed in Greater China, please contact us here