SHANGHAI, AUGUST 18, 2015 – Jebsen Industrial, an acknowledged industry leader in the functional foods market, is enhancing the accessibility of its premium nutritional and good-tasting solutions with the introduction of a new JSC e-store on Alibaba— This is part of Jebsen Industrial’s efforts to raise nutritional awareness among consumers and better serve Greater China’s food, beverage and nutrition industry.


Yoghurt Drink


“At Jebsen Industrial, we have been a pursuing an Online to Offline (O2O) strategy as we believe that a growing segment of our B2B customers find value in e-commerce. The e-store will enhance customer convenience significantly. With 24/7 online customer support, our customers can make purchase decisions anytime, anywhere with transparent pricing, secure payments and door-to-door delivery,” said Dr Elizabeth Leung, General Manager of Specialty Ingredients & Solutions, Jebsen Industrial.


“The e-store complements our extensive physical distribution network and offers a new communication channel through which we can engage more customers in more areas. With data analytics, we will also be able to understand the online purchasing behaviour of our customers and refine our market strategy to serve them better,” she added.


The JSC e-store is positioned to serve major e-store owners on Tmall and Taobao with highly competitive and cost-effective nutritional and good-tasting solutions in three main categories: specialty beverages, seasoning and health.


It is headlined by Weiwanjia, Jebsen Industrial’s first in-house brand developed exclusively by its Research & Development team. In addition to Weiwanjia’s signature product, yoghurt concentrate drink, customers will also offer coffee extract by DEK, a leading global supplier of instant coffee, as well as curry powder and black pepper by Akay , a company renowned for its spices, essential oils and natural colouring. To promote intestinal health, the e-store will carry the BB-12® probiotic strain by global leader Chr. Hansen. For healthy weight management, customers can opt for the all-natural cactus fruit extract by Nexira . There are also solutions for beautiful skin and stronger immune systems—collagen by Weishardt and yeast beta glucan by abac, respectively—that have been scientifically proven through rigorous clinical validation.




To commemorate the launch of its e-store, JSC is offering free delivery on all purchases made, with special benefits for bulk purchases. For details, please click here.