Since the start of 2015, Petrochemical & Fiber Department of Jebsen Industrial, which handles performance chemicals and functional ingredients, has been exploring a collaboration with SCM Metal Products Inc. SCM Metal Products Inc. is headquartered in North Carolina, USA and regarded as a world leader in the production of copper and aluminum metal powders and their related alloys.


SCM Metal Products specialises in pure copper powder, bronze powder, brass powder and copper- infiltrating powder. While copper powder is a highly effective catalyst, it is less widely used than domestic catalysts in China. Through extensive market research, Jebsen Industrial has found that, due to the lack of strong technical support, Chinese manufacturers have been unable to harness the full potential of copper powder. This has in turn led to the misconception that copper powder is less effective than domestic catalysts.


SCM Metal Products specialises in pure copper powder, bronze powder, brass powder and copper- infiltrating powder.


With a better understanding of customers’ pain points and its confidence in SCM’s solutions and services, Jebsen Industrial has proposed a partnership with the brand. SCM has also expressed its confidence in Jebsen Industrial’s deep market expertise and extensive customer and channel network in China.


Since April this year, the partners have begun business development efforts with a series of customer visits. The team comprises the experts and the sales team of Petrochemical & Fiber Department of Jebsen Industrial as well as SCM’s experts. In talking to potential customers, they have verified that the lack of technical support in the use of copper powders has created low productivity levels and high wastage for many manufacturers. In stark contrast, Jebsen Industrial and SCM’s proposal of premium catalyst solutions backed by strong technical services is able to dramatically raise productivity levels and reduce wastage by up to 70%. For customers, this translates into significant production cost savings.


This is particularly relevant in today’s economic climate, where China continues to record slowing growth. Rather than viewing the cost consciousness of potential customers as a challenge, Mr. George Fu, Department Manager of Petrochemical & Fiber Department of Jebsen Industrial, sees it as an opportunity: “It is true that the chemicals industry is currently experiencing smaller profit margins and SCM’s solutions may be subject to price fluctuations in the global metal commodities market. However, we are confident that customers will recognise the long-term cost benefits of our proposal and how SCM & Jebsen Industrial can together help them achieve sustainable success. The cooperation with SCM is another case to prove that we are constantly sourcing the world for new solutions and investing in developing new market segments. This is how Jebsen Industrial continues to create success for itself, its partners and its customers.”


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