Beijing Scitlion, a leading optical materials manufacturer, has named Jebsen Industrial as its key supplier of specialty fibre preforms. This deepens its relationship with Jebsen Industrial and ensures it will benefit from the industry’s highest quality Heraeus Quarzglas preforms and best value-added service.


Beijing Scitlion uses the high-quality Heraeus preforms in its fibre drawing and coating processes and for the production of specialty glass. Since the quality of its products depends on the specialty fibre preform used, Beijing Scitlion demands the very best from its suppliers.


For more than eight years, Beijing Scitlion and its predecessor Beijing Glass Research Institute (BGRI) have used Heraeus Quarzglas preforms from Jebsen Industrial as well as preforms from another supplier. When quality issues suddenly occurred with the non- Heraeus preforms, Beijing Scitlion asked Jebsen Industrial to investigate the problem and assist it in selecting the best solution for its needs.


The Jebsen Industrial team paid many visits to Beijing Scitlion executives to present technical information and share market insight. The team was accompanied by experts from Heraeus on several occasions.


“This close face-to-face contact ensured that Jebsen Industrial understood Beijing Scitlion’s current challenges and future plans. We were then able to add value not just by offering a high-quality product, but by drawing on our close relationship with Heraeus to provide professional consultancy and expert after-sales support,” said Mr. Will Jiang, Key Account Manager of the Opto-Electronics Department, Jebsen Industrial.


heraeus is a world leader in industrial precious metals, sensors, dental products and biomaterials, quartz glass, and specialty lighting sources.


Jebsen Industrial provided Beijing Scitlion with a side-by-side comparison of the specialty fibre preforms from Heraeus Quarzglas and the other supplier. This demonstrated how the Heraeus product could overcome Beijing Scitlion’s existing quality issues.


For example, with high-quality preforms, there is no photodarkening (or “photochromic damage”) inside the fibre, avoiding serious performance degradations and lifetime limitations in the finished product. Top-quality preforms, like those produced by Heraeus , have no leaking in the application, lower attenuation, smaller laser spot and a higher transparent ratio.


Heraeus ’ Fluosil® preforms are fused silica core step index multimode preforms. They are made using the Plasma Outside Deposition (POD) process, which enables the creation of a highly fluorine doped cladding with a depressed index compared to fused silica. Fluosil® preforms are customized according to the properties of the core material used, the thickness of the cladding, and the numerical aperture required. They can be supplied in non-standard square geometries to achieve more precise, efficient and uniform laser cutting with a square formed beam.



Heraeus Quarzglas is the technology leader and materials specialist in high-purity synthetic quartz glass. Headquartered in Germany, it has been family-owned for more than 155 years. It currently holds more than 5,000 patents and has more than 350 research and development employees in 25 development centres around the world. In Greater China, Heraeus Quarzglas has partnered Jebsen Industrial since 1968.


heraeus quarzglas - the technology leader and materials specialist for the manufacture and processing of high-purity synthetic quartz glass


Beijing Scitlion Technology is an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of optical crystals, fibres and devices, and specialty glass materials. It was established in 2013 to continue the 53-year legacy of BGRI.


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