Maximilian von Stillfried


China’s economy took a turn in the middle of the year, leaving many people sceptical about its future. At Jebsen Industrial, we are dealing proactively with this macroeconomic shakeup.


China recorded 6.9% GDP growth in Q3 2015—its lowest in six years. IMF estimates that, for the same period, global growth was 3.1%. In our eyes, China’s economy is slowing and the market is still of short and long term potential.


Because we take a long-term view, sustainability is high on our agenda. We seek business sustainability for ourselves, our partners and our customers as well as environmental and economic sustainability for China. To this end, we have done well laying groundwork for the future.


China’s environmental challenges come primarily from its industrial processes. This offers us many opportunities. This year, we welcomed Jebsen Building Products and its Green portfolio to our family. We also founded Jet Union, an automotive aftermarket joint venture for Cleaner diesel engines, and Zhuhai CleanOil, a joint venture to produce high quality re-refined lube oil.


The 13th Five Year Plan (2016-2020) is also setting China on a path towards a consumption-driven, innovation-led economy. Our strategy of localising global, Green and sustainable technology for the market is aligned with this vision. This year, our Automation & Services and Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions teams have continued their good work in helping China transform from an ‘innovation sponge’ that absorbs foreign technology to a true innovation leader.
Our Specialty Ingredients & Solutions team has also furthered its mission of enhancing people’s quality of life, making health and wellness solutions more accessible to a wider population’s wellbeing.


We are on the right track for steady growth with our partners. We have set 2015 targets for each business unit to achieve in organic and strategic growth. Some businesses are doing better than others and all have gained important takeaways that are shaping our focus for 2016 as well as our strategy 2016-2018.


Internally, we have changed by investing in productivity and quality improvements in order to outperform competitors and have fast response. The results of our 2015 Employee Engagement Survey shows very positive score developments from the last survey conducted in 2013. I can see our organisation and colleagues united, motivated and committed to success. Together, I am confident that we are prepared for China’s “new normal”.


Thank you for your trust and support in 2015. Please enjoy the holiday season and accept my wishes for a healthy, happy and rewarding 2016.