Jebsen Industrial and  have deployed Hong Kong’s first high-voltage biogas-fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) generator at Sha Tin sewerage treatment works, allowing the Drainage Services Department (DSD) to save cost and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for Hong Kong.


The new system uses a GE Jenbacher Gas Engine Type 4 CHP generator to create clean energy using biogas produced from the sewerage treatment process. Jebsen Industrial provided technical consultation and installation, commissioning and testing services and also helped connect the new Sha Tin generator to the local electricity grid so that excess energy can be made available to households in Hong Kong.


“Jebsen Industrial is proud to support Hong Kong Government efforts to promote the wider use of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. We have been involved in many successful installations in the region, with DSD and other partners, and have the experience and expertise to take renewable energy projects from design and budgeting, through to deployment and maintenance,” Ms. Rachel Cheung, Jebsen Industrial General Manager of Automation & Services, said.


Sha Tin sewerage treatment works with GEJenbacher


In its first six months of operation, the new CHP generator produced more than 3 million kWh of energy, saving about 2,300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and contributing to annual energy cost savings of HK million.*


Hong Kong’s DSD is a local pioneer in the use of renewable energy technologies. Working with Jebsen Industrial, it has previously installed biogas-fuelled CHP generators at its Shek Wu Hui and Tai Po sewerage treatment plants. Both deployments use GE Jenbacher Type 3 CHP generators with power output of over 600 kW.  In both cases, the electricity generated is used to power facilities within the sewerage treatment works while the recovered thermal energy is for pre-heating the recirculation water.


Advanced Gas Engine Technology

The GE Jenbacher Gas Engine Type 4 CHP generator installed at the Sha Tin treatment works has the highest rate of power generation of any CHP generator of its type in Hong Kong. Capable of generating from 800 kW to 1,500 kW of power, it delivers high power density and offers optimized control and monitoring to maximize reliability and availability.


GEJenbacher Gas Engine Type 4 CHP generator

Besides setting a new standard for energy efficiency, the Type 4 Jenbacher minimizes emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), which was a requirement of DSD. All GE’s Jenbacher V-engines use the LEANOX® lean burn control system to ensure the correct air/fuel ratio and minimise exhaust gas emissions while delivering stable operations under all conditions. In biogas-fuelled systems this helps guarantee low NOx emissions without the need for an exhaust catalyst. The Type 4 CHP system has very low NOx emissions of less than 250mg/m3. Combining low NOx with high efficiency, the Jenbacher Type 4 gas engines represent an optimal green solution in the gas engine field.


GE Jenbacher is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas-fuelled reciprocating engines, packaged generator sets, and cogeneration units. A unit of GE, which has produced innovative gas engines for more than 80 years, it introduced advanced gas engine technology to Greater China in partnership with Jebsen Industrial more than a decade ago.

*Source: Takungpao (