Maximilian von Stillfried,Managing Director,Jebsen Industrial


The year 2014 was an opportunity for change. We are going through a transformation process where tradition meets innovation. I see us embracing the customer-centric value-adding service mindset even more as a critical ingredient to our success.


From Marketing and Distribution, we are now exploring creative new ways to serve China with quality solutions and to help more B2B businesses with market entry and penetration. Our business partners are relying on us as their consultant and executor—to use our capabilities and experience to help them build value and succeed in Asia.


As an organisation, we must be more effective and efficient; as a team, we must take ownership and responsibility in creating value for our customers and colleagues, our principals and partners.


In 2014, we established Automotive Technik’s fourth joint venture, Jebsen tedrive Steering. We have also allowed customer and market needs guide us into introducing our first in-house brand, BLAUMANN. This has proven that there is great business potential in developing our own brand strategy based on our industry strengths.


This is true in Cinematic & Broadcast Solutions too. As the leading lens provider in China, we are playing to our strengths by expanding our portfolio and services to include lens repair and maintenance.


We have also bundled all machinery products and technical services under Automation & Services. I trust this will give us greater focus, more depth and agility in serving our customers from a systems and solutions point of view.


Having laid this strong foundation, 2015 will be about building for future success. China and Germany have named it “the year of innovation cooperation”. For us at Jebsen Industrial, this means making the most of our internal and accessible intelligence to innovate. A good example is our new e-platform for the Cinematic & Broadcasting industry that, when launched, will grow our sales channels and help us continue expanding our presence in Asia.


We will spend 2015 focusing on organic growth in existing segments while exploring and developing new, profitable and sustainable businesses and business models, especially in the emerging areas of environment, clean energy, personal well-being and health. Our efforts will certainly be boosted when we welcome Jebsen Building Products into our family this January. With its leadership in sustainable buildings, we are looking forward to growing in this area.


I am sure you are keen on reading about some of our new initiatives. This issue contains exciting news, including a feature on our Market Intelligence & Consultancy Services and how it allows us to better partner B2B businesses from strategy to implementation and operations.


Thank you for your trust and support this past year. I have every confidence that we are moving in the right direction to add more value for our customers, principals and dear staff. Please enjoy the holiday season and have a joyful, healthy and successful 2015.


Yours sincerely

Maximilian v. Stillfried

Managing Director, Jebsen Industrial