Jebsen Industrial’s Automation & Services Business recalibrates its strategic direction for the future.




What was the thinking behind a new Automation & Services division?

With increasing globalisation, the traditional machinery market has become more transparent and the role of an agency has changed. As we journeyed with our customers over the years, we have realised that many industries have attained a certain level of maturity. The Chinese economy as a whole has also matured. We believe it is necessary to recalibrate ourselves for the times—to offer solutions and services that are in sync with the market needs of today and tomorrow and to add more value to our partners and customers.


Supported by a large and diverse customer base that we have gained over the years, we established Automation & Services to bring ‘Green, Intelligent and Smart’ solutions to existing and new customers. 


Please tell us about the ‘new’ Automation & Services division.

Today’s A&S is advancing into new and exciting areas. We have reorganised ourselves for clearer focus while developing new pipelines and a stronger portfolio. I believe that our portfolio of ‘Green, Intelligent and Smart’ solutions addresses current and emerging market needs through our four focus areas:


  • Power Systems
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Manufacturing Optimisation
  • Engineering Services


Does a strengthened portfolio mean new principals? Can you give us some examples?

Yes, we have been working hard to identify principals that share our commitment to Green, Intelligent and Smart solutions. I am happy to share that we have recently finalised agreements with several leading solution providers in each of our focus areas.


To give you an example, in the field of Power Systems, we are collaborating with Colibri Energy. They are a leading manufacturer of lithium polymer battery storage systems based on a proprietary solid cell technology representing a greener and more efficient alternative to traditional lead acid batteries. Both Jebsen Industrial and Colibri agree that sustainable, reliable power supply is one of the greatest challenges of our times.


In Manufacturing Automation, we are partnering F&P Personal Robotics. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company is a pioneer in collaborative robot interactions and artificial intelligence. We see high potential in their lightweight collaborative robots in the industrial sector. It could be an effective and safe solution to traditionally manual tasks along the production line. There are also opportunities to serve other sectors, like food packaging and cash process handling, with this cutting-edge solution.  


Separately, we have also sealed a deal with Forcam to grow our Manufacturing Optimisation portfolio. The technology and consulting company provides Manufacturing Execution System technology, which can optimise manufacturing processes and drive productivity.


What are some of the successes that Automation & Services has seen in the past year?

It has definitely been quite an exciting, albeit challenging, year of transition and transformation for us. Thanks to the team’s collective effort and commitment to our new vision, we achieved several milestones in the past year.


As an upgrade to our Engineering Services, we have established our own spindle repair centre in Dalian. I am confident that this will propel our efforts to grow our service-based business. The centre began operations in March this year and we are looking forward to its grand opening coming soon.


I mentioned that Colibri Energy is a new principal. Last year, we successfully completed a field test of its intelligent battery system. It was applied to a baggage tracker in the Hong Kong International Airport. Results were very positive and the customer was pleased because operational efficiency was visibly improved.


This is important to us because, as we start anew, having a successful first reference case in each business area is mission critical. It is also a great morale booster because we are still in a transitional phase and learning to leave our comfort zone behind. The team has done remarkably well and the market is beginning to warm up to us. I have high hopes for A&S in the future.