Education to employment is a natural progression but the transition can be very demanding on the unprepared. As a people-oriented organisation, Jebsen Industrial understands the value of training, and has extended this philosophy to young undergraduates.


Its internship opportunities immerse university students in a corporate environment and prepare them for a fulfilling career in the future. Jebsen Industrial believes its internship offering is a transformational process for students as well as the company, as both parties grow and develop through a shared value-creating experience.


This summer, more than 12 interns began their transformation at Jebsen Industrial offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. In a variety of roles ranging from business development and supply chain management to customer service and more, the interns have been given individual responsibilities. In turn, Jebsen Industrial ensures that they have a dedicated mentor and a strong support network to guide them in completing their tasks, whether this is market research for an upcoming business project or contract preparation for key customers.


For Joanne Leung, her two-month stint with the Technical Services Division in Hong Kong was an eye-opener. As a first-year Mechanical Engineering student based in London, UK, she was surprised to be involved in a 10-day business trip to Dalian.



Joanne Leung - Summer Intern 2014, Hong Kong


“The Dalian trip was mentioned during my phone interview but, as an intern, I didn’t expect that I would really get to go,” she said. “It widened my perspective to see a fully operational factory and to learn about the industry on the ground. I have attended some great workshops in university, but to be there in person, to experience it for myself, was incredible.”


While Joanne had to return to school after two months, for others, one summer with Jebsen Industrial is just too short. Ella Liu has recently joined the Marketing & Communications Department in Hong Kong on a 12-month internship. In Shanghai, the department also has Joy Zhao, who has committed to a nine-month stint. The Business English major at Shanghai International Studies University is interested in a marketing career and felt that an extended internship would help her learn more, faster. And she has.


Ella Liu - one-year marketing intern, Hong Kong


For someone who had not heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) up to two months ago, Joy now handles SEO for Jebsen Industrial’s Chinese website.


“I am definitely learning a lot, both in terms of skills and exposure. I now realise that a lot goes behind the scenes in marketing. Reading a WeChat article takes one minute, for example, but there are hours of work that go into it,” shared Joy. “That is why every member of the team has to multitask. I’m still learning to cope with this.” Apart from SEO, Joy also had the chance to take up other PR and marketing related tasks such as writing and liaising with media. 


Joy Zhao - marketing intern, Shanghai


Joy, who hopes to pursue a master’s degree after graduation, is confident that her internship experience with Jebsen Industrial will put her in good stead.


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