Jebsen Industrial offers the advanced technology needed to produce carbon fibre composites


China is taking large strides forward in the aviation industry with the 2015 rollout of its first domestically built passenger aircraft. With the Chinese government keen to develop of a fully-fledged air transport industry that is on par with its foreign counterparts, local players are welcoming a technology transfer from abroad.


In the aircraft manufacturing sector, much of this surrounds the use of carbon fibre composites. Compared to aluminium, which has been traditionally used to build aircraft, carbon fibre composites are 40% lighter but incredibly strong for their weight. Reports suggest that every kilogram reduced could translate into US million in cost savings over the lifetime of an aircraft. The nature of composites also provides a good surface finish on components, which can enhance aerodynamic performance.


Today, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner uses composites for half its airframe while Airbus's A350 XWB has both its fuselage and wings made of carbon fibre.


Elevating China to the world stage

A key growth driver of China’s aviation industry is the availability of next-generation materials like carbon fibre composites. With market demand and quality expectations rising in tandem, Jebsen Industrial is supporting local players with the world-class technology they need.


To serve the composite market, Jebsen Industrial is partnering Kroenert to bring advanced film coating and impregnating machines to China. This is essential in the production of carbon fibre prepregs, which, in turn, are needed to make composites.


 Jebsen Industrial is partnering KROENERT to bring advanced film coating and impregnating machines to China.


 Jebsen Industrial is partnering KROENERT to bring advanced film coating and impregnating machines to China.


Regarded as a leading manufacturer of coating and laminating machines, Kroenert has used its German engineering expertise to develop a complete production program comprising lines for epoxy and phenolic resin film coating, impregnation of fabric or UD filaments for CFRP/GFRP in horizontal or vertical execution. It has been proven to deliver the quality and accuracy that the global composite industry needs, especially for producing aircraft components.  Kroenert has a long experience in producing coating and impregnation machines for the leading carbon fibre suppliers for the aerospace industry. Within installed machines as well as common research and development project with the leading suppliers the company is able to apply his highest experience to all interested companies.


Kroenert ’s advanced technology is available to China’s aviation industry via Jebsen Industrial, which adds value with business and technical consultancy as well as localised customer service and aftersales support.  


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