It is and has always been the purpose of business to create and deliver value in a way that generates profit. At Jebsen Industrial, how we achieve this continues to evolve as the needs of our customers and partners change.



We have journeyed with China from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, through to the Information Age and, now, into a service- and creativity-based economy. The Economist Intelligence Unit predicts that consumption will continue to be a key driver of economic growth in China as its population of high-income earners skyrockets from 2.6% in 2015 to 14.5% in 2030. This means that customers have and will continue to become increasingly sophisticated in making purchase decisions and that we must learn to create even greater value through innovative and customised solutions.


At the heart of this is our entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation, which has been recognised with the Jebsen & Jessen Family Enterprise receiving the prestigious IMD-Lombard Odier Global Family Business Award at the end of 2016.


Indeed, our ability to adapt our business model to the changing times is key to our sustainable success. In this regard, our Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions business has done exceptionally well by collaborating with industry leading Thales Angenieux to develop the new Type EZ Series zoom lenses for the growing prosumer market. Our Automation & Services has also brought its partnership with Germany’s Teupen to the next level by working together to secure high-profile projects in Hong Kong and Macau overcoming competition in a smart way.


While agility is crucial in business, there are things that should not change. Our commitment to environmental conservation, for example, remains steadfast – also with our Building Products business using Green, Intelligent and Sustainable products to customise integrated solutions for customers. This applies to human capital too. People are our most valued asset and we continue to create refreshing and inventive ways to keep them in action and commitment. From social and recreational activities to the new Jebsen Industrial Information Exchange Square, there is always something exciting happening in our offices.


I invite you to read on and be part of our value creation process.