We are in the industrial business but we are also in the people business. So while I have previously talked about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of our transformation journey, I would now like to focus on the ‘who’.


Maximilian von Stillfried,Managing Director, Jebsen Industrial


Whether principals or customers, we deal with profit-driven enterprises. Yet, just like us, they are powered by people. We interact with their representatives on a daily basis. By listening to their thoughts, understanding their emotions and reflecting on these, we develop insights that help us help them.


Open communication with our customers has motivated us to launch Blaumann, our very first auto aftermarket brand. Voices in the auto sector are asking for premium auto products, especially those with quality assurance by a leader like Jebsen Industrial, and that is what we will deliver through Blaumann.


Our Technical Services Division has also heard people in the engineering industry talking about a gap in the market. To better serve this sector, we have recently introduced CNC machine tool services and, for the first time, are extending it to third-party customers. This move is significant for several reasons. It localises highly specialised services so companies can employ advanced machinery to help their business grow. This in turn supports overall industry development and contributes back to China’s economy.


It goes to show that our transformation is not ours alone, but one that we share with our stakeholders. Take Jebsen tedrive, our fourth and latest joint venture led by Jebsen Automotive Technik, for example. With the joint venture, we are supporting the transformation of both tedrive (with entry into a totally new market) and China (through localisation of a potentially industry-changing technology).


From the very beginning, our journey has been ‘for the people, by the people’. Talent development continues to be a priority for Jebsen Industrial. This allows us to attract some of the best and brightest minds, like Mr Clarence Wu, who brings 30 years of experience to the position of Financial Controller and the 12 energetic undergraduates who joined our summer internship programme.


Transformation, for all of us at Jebsen Industrial, has truly become a way of life. If you find that hard to believe, read on to learn how our Broadcast & Cinematic Solutions Department got creative at BIRTV 2014—by activating the Transformers!


Maximilian von Stillfried
Managing Director, Jebsen Industrial