With over 120 years of experience as a marketing and distribution organisation, Jebsen is known for representing some of the world’s best brands in Greater China. Now, it is set to share its expertise with the world by introducing Jebsen Industrial’s Market Intelligence & Consultancy Services. Mr Philbert Chin, Head of Business Development, shares more.



 Mr Philbert Chin, Head of Business Development


Please tell us about Jebsen Industrial’s Market Intelligence & Consultancy Services.

Our Market Intelligence & Consultancy Services offers clients in-depth and pragmatic research services and strategic business advice and solutions to help them enter the Chinese market with ease and efficiency and to effectively grow their business here.


Foreign companies are faced with complex challenges that we at Jebsen have similarly encountered and overcome. That is why we are truly able to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and deliver the value that they need and want. We have over 120 years of doing business in China, which has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the market, a keen sense of industry trends and an extensive local network. We also have a strong and broad customer base in many industrial sectors. Understanding that the value we deliver to our principals and customers is well sought after by foreign companies looking to enter and expand in China, we have introduced our Market Intelligence & Consultancy Services.


What is the motivation behind introducing this service offering?

Well, the short answer is to deliver greater value. Jebsen Industrial has traditionally focused on marketing and distributing physical products from around the world, to the Greater China region. In order to do this well, we have built strong internal capabilities that help us understand each industry sector and the diverse needs of our customers. We develop brand and product positioning to identify optimal marketing channels and help our customers with supply chain optimisation and logistics management. This is something our people do every day, behind the scenes.


Over the years, we have accumulated significant market data and information that even major consulting firms may not own, especially in certain niche markets. By drawing on our in-house capabilities and expanding it into a standalone service offering, we believe that we will be able to add more value to more clients.


Contextually, China as a market is also evolving rapidly. We need to move in tandem with the market, to transform our business model so that we can continue to serve it well. That is why we have introduced our Market Intelligence & Consultancy Services.


What are some of the services provided?

Based on our experience, we believe that the services we provide should depend entirely on the client’s strategic business needs in relation to the China market. For a foreign company that is new to and looking to enter China, for example, we would recommend a market attractiveness and PESTEL analysis as well as a competitive landscape study. After verifying and analysing market data through our own field work, we would develop actionable insights for the client ranging from business strategy, business model, focus markets, customer segmentation and more.


On the other hand, for foreign companies that are already present in China but hoping to grow more aggressively, we could conduct a customer satisfaction and loyalty study within their market segment and explore collaboration opportunities by tapping on our extensive customer and principal network. Through such research, we would be able to understand the client’s current market standing and, as a next step, provide consultancy services to help them improve overall performance and develop practical expansion plans.


Since we are well established in the industrial sector, and that is where our strengths lie, we focus on supporting B2B industrial companies, particularly those in high-growth segments like media and film, automotive, food, beverage and pharmaceuticals as well as nutrition and health. As always, we are committed to creating win-win-win outcomes—for our clients, their customers and ourselves.


To find out how Jebsen Industrial’s Market Intelligence & Consultancy services can help you succeed in Greater China, please contact us here